Serifos, wild and unapproachable, which keeps its secrets hidden away and tight in its shells.  There is no airport, no luxurious and large resorts, no trendy and noisy beach bars, none of the famous djs has ever been in that island -maybe only for holidays.. In Serifos, you can see images from the era of ’60s, you can still feel the tightness of the wind and you have to follow difficult and dirt roads and tolerate many of its waywardness. It demands your energy, your honesty, your full attention.  But, then the shell opens and reveals its secret, its beauty. It’s a island with a strong character, like its hammered by the wind rocks, with a sky clean like its people eyes.

Tradition and religion are two basic elements in Greece, or at least it was, because nowadays they have begun to fade away. In Serifos, the tradition is vital and daily part of inhabitant’s life. They still follow old customs and they believe in a god that exists in their souls and their hearts. Michael Pappas has visited this island and attended a local  christening. He followed the whole mystery from the beginning to the end and you can find the complete project “PETROS, A CHRISTENING AT SERIFOS ISLAND” at here . (Photos under CC BY-NC 3.0).

The day begun with the first light. The christening takes place in Agios Sostis. It belongs to a unique and impressive landscape, where a strip of sand connects the coast with a small cape where is built a white, small church.  The table is already there, at the backyard of the church, to welcome relatives and visitors. The christening is a celebration for the whole island and everyone is there to watch Petros making his first dive with his new name! Local musicians takes part in this celebration, until late at night. This christening remind us the tight bonds that can be developed in communities where the human being has the first role.


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