Are you planning some days to Greece, but you are looking for something different? Of course, there are plenty of choices but because you are now in cycling section, guess what… we are going to suggest a cycling route! Not far away from Athens (170 Km) and 2 hours by car, there is a beautiful village that is called Galatas. It is the ideal choice for short breaks and it can be used as a base for nearby and easily accessible destinations such as Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Methana, Porto Heli, Mycenae and Epidaurus. From Galatas begins a route of 38.44km on the road till the small port town Ermioni. The route offers an amazing view to Poros, Hydra, Dokos island and Hydra. From Galatas you can pass to Poros with small boats that they are allowed to transfer bikes.

Galatas round

Methana round

This is a fantastic but more difficult route 76.2km, primary on the road. Again Galatas is the beginning and the route passes from the beautiful peninsula of Methana. In Methana, you can leave your bike for a while and do some more activities, if you are fit enough! Hiking to the volcano trails, swimming, fishing, water sports in beaches, fresh fish and seafood in fishing villages are just some of what you can enjoy in this peninsula. So, climb to the crater of the volcano and enjoy the amazing view. You can visit the two thermal plants at Anargyrous Saints and St. Nicholas and take advantage of the beneficial properties of their sources. But, what were we talking about..?..Oh yes, about cycling! So, take your bike or hire one in Greece and do something different, something unique! Discover this small country on two wheels!


Methana Route

If you need to know more about cycling in Greece, simply ask us!

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