It is said that every place is undiscovered before you start walking! When your eyes meet the colours of the place, when the air touches your heart, when you smell the aroma of the place itself, only then you begin to get familiar with your destination. Very far away from the noises of the bars and the crowds there are some unique paths in Aegean that they waiting for your laughs and your thoughts!

Greece has more than 6000 islands, which the 117 are inhabited. Many of these are perfect for hiking and trekking and the past years there is an effort, mainly by the local authorities to maintain and promote these trails. Let’s know better some of the paths!

There are remarkable trails in many Greek islands. Some of them they are well signed and are maintained by local authorities, but other are left in their destiny. Folegandros, Kea (Tzia), Paros and Amorgos are some of the islands that they have more to offer than just sun and beaches. Take a big breath, some shoes, your camera and discover them! Oh, and some days off of course!Enjoy!


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