But, let’s clarify that we refer to a bar in Athens and not a plan for getting extra money from the financial institutions!

The recent years of recession and depression fed the global media, which have presented the harsh consequences of the financial crisis into the Greek society. However, from the deep heart of the hopelessness new efforts come to give a new birth to this crummy, but amazing and vivid city, Athens.

The Bank Job opened last year and came to  play with your spirit but with the ambiguous financial sector as well! The whole scene is like a bank robbery (the building belong to a bank previously) and there is a number of decoration that reminds you that. Safes, grid that resembles a prison and some cocktails that took their names for famous robbers! Robin Hood meets Bonnie and Jesse James and they make an amazing triplet! Try them! Music also mixes 80’s with black and greek rock! An excellent choice in one of the most interesting streets in Athens.

The Bank Job, Kolokotroni 13, Athens

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