5 Greek travel startups that you need to check if you visit Greece!

Travelling is one of the best experiences in life – if it is done properly! The rise of technology has helped to make easier for travelers to visit new places and to connect with locals! In the problematic Greek economy, there is one industry that thrives and this is tourism! Many young people have identified the problems that a traveler might have, especially in Greek tourism and they created their own startup to tackle the issues! I have gathered the 5 best Greek Travel start-ups and if you are planning a trip to Greece or you have friends that they want to do, have a look on them!


This is one of my favorites! It is a 24 service that provides services to the traveler. Butlair will be your right hand if you need some local insight and tips on what to do or where to eat! Also, they can provide with different services, from a charger that you might have forgotten to find you a doctor if you need to etc. And it is so easy as there is no need to download an app! You can communicate with Butlair like you do with your friends! You can choose among Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & WeChat. And despite the artificial intelligent world that we all live right now, the service is provided by Greeks and not by some chatbots! Great and simple idea!

Clio Muse

Clio Muse it is a very interesting startup that tries to fill the gap between museums or cultural sights and visitors. The users of this app can download their stories from a museum that they are going or they are visiting, decide how much information they want to read, vote for their favorite stories and share the experience through various social networks! Cultural institutions can analyse and evaluate the statistics gathered by the app, so as to adjust their exhibitions or make future plans! It is a win win situation for everyone!

Greek Travel site


Many SecretGreece readers ask me if they can book tours and other sea activities online. Hopwave probably(!) read us and so they came to cover this need! It is actually a booking platform designed for both travelers and travel agents to allow them to search and book sea tours and sea activities around the Greek islands. You can download the app (both iOS and Android) and you can instantly pay online and get your ticket for the day cruise you want!

Greek Travel Startup hopwave


Insiders Travel Experiences is an Athens-based destination expert for Greece that provides private and personalized experiential activities that engage travelers in a unique and entertaining way! All our friends that have used this service have told us that they are doing an amazing job!


This is a new startup that aspires to be like Uber but for boats! The connectivity between the thousands of Greek Islands is quite problematic as there are so many of them! SeaAround tries to tackle this by giving you the option to rent your boat to go reach your destination! For example, you arrived at the airport and you need to go to an island that doesn’t have regularly timetables? No problem at all. You can rent a boat using SeaAround!

I said that I have gathered 5 of them but the truth is that there are many other amazing Greek start-ups that try to implement creative ideas to help visitors in Greece! Vieno is an app that offers you a free drink at a bar, club or restaurant in your city! And Olwyc is the first application in the whole world to find parties in nightclubs or elsewhere, submit your own party and get it crowded, meet new people with the same hunger to party as you, and have a night full of fun & joy!


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