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Aggitis cave..a miracle of nature!

The country that is well known for its sun and beaches keeps some secrets far away from the touristic places! In North Greece, in municipality of Drama, there is the largest river cave of the world, the Greek cave Aggitis! Its uniqueness lies on the fact that on the ground of the cave flows the river Aggitis with total length of 21 km!

In 1978 a group of French and Greek speleologists started explored the cave with a more scientific approach for the first time! They discovered a passage of 500m which ended at a siphon. This part of the cave is today accessible to visitors. Soon a second short tunnel was built to allow people to pass the first siphon.

Today, a new entrance tunnel allows comfortable access to the main passage and enters the cave at the so called Beach Chamber. The path, built on a bridge above the river, shows the section to the next siphon, and the visitors have to walk back the same path to the Beach Chamber. Here a bridge crosses the river and a short tunnel leads to a narrow section of the cave, and another tunnel leads to the entrance hall. The water wheel and a small chapel are the highlights at the end of the tour.

The river passage is very interesting with huge stalagmites hanging from the ceiling, sometimes nearly to the surface of the water creating a magical scenery. The cave is lit with yellow lamps lighting the path and white lights for the formations, which are turned on and off by motion detectors.


Extra secret:

If you are in that area don’t forget to visit the Sources of Santa Barbara,  close to Drama city. It’s one the most beautiful park in Greece! The dominant element  there is water. Lakes, rivers and waterfalls create the ideal environment and the best “home” for fish, ducks, geese and swans. Palm trees offer dense shade and rare birds nest.

 If you have any questions about this special and unique Greek cave, Aggitis, then simply ask us!

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