9 Best Beaches in Santorini!

Santorini has drawn a lot of attention as a romantic destination that combines traditional and modern elements. Couples choose this island to get married, spend their honeymoon on a romantic getaway.

Tourists flock to the small alleys and terraces every evening to admire the breath-taking view of the sunset! People enjoy walking around the picturesque Caldera, taking pictures, and admiring this amazing landscape.

Although Santorini’s beaches might not be the island’s strong point, Santorini also has some nice beaches!

On my last visit to the island, I went to many of them and created a list of the best Santorini beaches.

Before presenting you with the best beaches, here are our travel guides about this unique island!

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So, let’s explore together the best beaches in Santorini!

Best Beaches in Santorini

Red Beach

Red beach Santorini
Red beach in Santorini

The Red beach took its name from the surrounding red-brown sand and soil. It is a cove under a cliff.

Due to the soil composition, and its dark colour, the temperature at the Red Beach is always a bit higher than on the rest of the island.

The place is beautiful, and it reminded me of pictures from planet Mars!

While I was swimming in the clear waters, I felt warm streams of water. I asked a local about it, and he explains that in this area there are underwater thermal springs that create streams of hot water.

At the beach, there are lounge beds which you can rent, but there is also free space to put your umbrella if you have one with you.

There are two small canteens from where you can buy water, coffee, and snacks. I preferred to buy some fruits from one of the vendors that walk around the beach.

You can get to the beach by car, taxi-boat, or shuttle bus. There is a parking space at the top of the cliff by Saint Nicolaos chapel. At this spot, there is also a bus stop.

As for the taxi boats, they depart from Akrotiri, Perissa, or Kamari approximately every half an hour. 

Tip: A few years ago, local authorities published a prohibition directive because in the past there have been some landslides at the beach. Visitors get to the beach at their own risk. It, however, does not seem to stop the hundreds of visitors that arrive at the beach daily.

White Beach

Next to the Red beach, at a close distance from the Akrotiri village, is the White Beach. Its name is related to the imposing white rocks that surround it. The contrast between rocks, dark grey sand, and black pebbles makes the white colour stand out.

Locals have noticed that the natural structures of the rocks have the shape of different objects.

My friend, who lives in Santorini, pointed out shapes of a face, a whale, and a tortoise. I found that very amusing, and I took some time looking for other formations that I could recognize.

This place is worth visiting, but the access can be quite tricky.

The waters are clear, and the nature is stunning.

However, the last time that I visited the beach I was surprised to see that the beach is over-exploited.

There are quite a few lounge beds everywhere and the beach was quite overcrowded!

You can arrive at the beach by taxi-boats, that stop at the beach.

Black Beach (Perissa) and Perivolos beach

Perissa beach Santorini
Perissa beach in Santorini

I could not omit from this list the Black beach, another treasure created by the volcanic soil.

This beach is commonly known as Perissa. It is one of the longest beaches in Santorini.

The sand and the pebbles have a characteristic black colour. The Black beach has been awarded the blue flag for its clean waters.

I like this beach. The waters are clean and crystal. You can rent a lounge chair, and sunbathe there for hours.

Note that Perissa and Perivolos beaches are actually the same, as Perissa is the north part and Perivolos is the south part of the beach!

At the beach, there are many amenities, like bars and taverns with delicious food, showers, and changing rooms.

Note that the beach is family-friendly and you will see many families there, as it is safe, and there are many activities around. There is a playground and a waterpark, with pools and water slides that entertain the whole family.

At the beach, you find water sports centres, where you can rent equipment for jet-skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, diving, and snorkelling.

Perissa beach is about 13 km away from the main town of the island, Fira. You can get there by car or bus. There is plenty of space to park your car very close to the beach.

 Tip: Since 2015, the municipality of Santorini has installed a SEATRAC ramp, which makes the beach accessible to wheelchairs!

Kamari Beach

Kamari best beaches in Santorini
Kamari beach in Santorini

Kamari is one of the most cosmopolitan and developed beaches in Santorini. It took its name from the village Kamari.

It is 5 km long, covered with black volcanic sand and small pebbles. The mountain Mesa Vouno, standing above Kamari village, protects the area from strong winds.

The waters at the beach are crystal clear, and the nature around the beach is well preserved. Therefore, the beach has the Blue Flag award, which is a symbol of the quality of the waters. Lifeguards make sure that everyone is safe at the beach.

The beach has all the amenities you need: showers, changing rooms, playgrounds for the kids, lounge beds, and umbrellas. There are also beach bars that serve food and drinks by your lounge bed.

At Kamari village, there are many hotels and guest houses for all budgets.

You can also find traditional taverns and fancy restaurants to enjoy your meal. Moreover, Kamari has nightlife, with many clubs, bars, and discos.

There are places where you can rent equipment for water sports like a jet ski and a diving club.

You can access the beach by bus or by car. Busses are leaving from Fira a few times a day. If you have your vehicle, you can easily find a place to park it close to the beach.

Monolithos Beach

Monolithos best beaches in santorini
Monolithos beach in Santorini

Monolithos is probably one of my favourite beaches in Santorini because it is less crowded than the rest of the beaches on the island.

It is also one of the best beaches for families with young kids because the waters are shallow, and you can walk in the water for long before it gets deep.

The beach is long with black volcanic sand and rocks. The name of the beach Monolithos means ‘lonely rock’ and took its name from the big rock on the one side of the beach.

On the top of this rock, there is the chapel of Saint John. The admirable rock formations create a proper background for unique photos.

At some parts of the beach, there are sunbeds and umbrellas you can rent for the day. Around Monolithos, there are a few restaurants, cafes, beach bars, and some hotels and guest houses.

I also saw a football pitch, basketball court, and a playground where kids played cheerfully.

This beach is on the eastern part of Santorini, about 10 km from Fira, and very close to Kamari beach and the airport. There is plenty of space to park your car for free.

Vlychada Beach and Perivolos

Vlychada Beach Santorini island greece
Vlychada Beach in Santorini

At Vlychada beach, nature has created a breath-taking scenery that has visitors mesmerized.

It is a 2,5 km long beach, surrounded by imposing beige rocks. The wind has been sculpting the rocks for centuries and has created a texture that reminds me of laces or folded fabric.

It is a quiet place that attracts mainly people who want to enjoy nature in a less crowded spot. There are no hotels, shops, or taverns at the beach.

On the one side, there are some sunbeds which you can rent from the beach bars, but most visitors prefer to walk further where there is nothing but sand, sun, and water.

When the northern wind is blowing, the sea gets wavy, so I suggest avoiding Vlychada on those days.

There is parking onsite. You can leave your car a few meters away from the beach.

If you want to visit the beach during the high touristic season, make sure you arrive early to find the best parking spot. 

Eros Beach

Eros is the romantic beach of the island. Many people choose to do romantic photo shootings.

It is called Eros beach, by the ancient Greek god of Love. This small and pebbly beach has deep and clear waters.

You can reach the beach by car or scooter, but just take into account that a dirt road leads to the beach!

Here also you will find one of the best bars on the island Theros Wave Bar, which I might find a little bit expensive but it has a very romantic atmosphere!

Vourvoulos Beach

The first time I visited this beach, the rocks reminded me of Cappadocia in Turkey.

The formation of the volcanic rocks has the shape of cones, and there are caves here and there. The beach has black sand and pebbles, and the waters are clean and cool. The black sand is common to almost all beaches in Santorini.

On one side of the beach is a charming port with fishing boats.

At the beach, there are limited sunbeds and umbrellas to rent.

Nearby you can find restaurants and taverns that serve delicious Greek food and fresh fish! What else can you ask?!

Nevertheless, Vourvoulos beach is less exploited touristically, so you will not find all the amenities you might find on other beaches. So, if to my opinion, visit this beach if you already have visited the more famous one and you need somewhere to relax from the hustle and bustle.

Vourvoulos is about 7 km away from Fira. You can park your car in the parking lot next to the beach -the tall trees create natural shade and keep the car less hot.

Tip: Take your time to explore the unique formations of the rocks around the beach. It is worth it!

Koloumbos beach

Koloumbos beach Santorini beach
Koloumbos beach in Santorini

If you want to be one with nature and relax at a beach with fewer people, then you could try the Koloumbos beach.

In the northeast of the island, this place mesmerizes you with the wilderness and greatness of nature.

Erosion shaped the immense rocky cliffs surrounding the area and gave them unique formations.

The tallest rock, Cape Columbo, is around 50 meters tall! Imagine the feeling of swimming under the rock!

Locals told me that close to the beach is an active crater which explains why the waters are warmer.

The beach is unprotected from the winds, and there is a high possibility of finding it windy and wavy.

At the beach, there are no amenities, so you need to get there organized with all the things you might need.

As I told you, this is a place where you can relax and become one with nature. It is probably why many nudists come to this beach to spend their day swimming and sunbathing.

You can park your car by the road, as there is no official parking. You will have to walk a few meters from the road to the beach.

Here is a map of the above-mentioned best beaches in Santorini!

I am a big fan of Santorini because it combines a cosmopolitan atmosphere, greek tradition, and unique Mediterranean nature. I always go back, and I understand why it attracts people from all around the globe!

If you have any comment to make or any question, just leave a comment below!

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