Best Beaches in Tinos island

Tinos has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean!

Some are quiet and secluded, and some others are cosmopolitan with beach bars and water sports!

Most of the beaches are relatively easy to access, but some of them may require some walking.

Some of them have fine sand or pebbles or rocks. For every taste.

Tinos has beautiful beaches, but it can be quite tricky to choose a beach as there are, most of the time, intense winds! But even then, some beaches are more protected, and you can enjoy your swim.

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So, we are now going to present the best beaches on Tinos island.

P.S At the end of the post, you will find a detailed map with the beaches’ locations.

Best beaches in Tinos island

Agios Romanos
Agios Romanos beach tinos
Agios Romanos beach ©secretgreece

We started the list with the best beaches with one of the most protected beaches when it is windy in Tinos, which happens very often.

Agios Romanos beach is for everybody as it has a beach bar and some trees if you want just to lie down under the tree and enjoy the beach.

It is a sandy beach and relatively easy to access through the road.

Agios Fokas

This is the easiest choice if you want a beach close to Chora. Some buses go directly there, or you can even walk if you like.

There you will find a beach bar to grab a coffee or some snack.

Agios Sostis

This a sandy beach, quite large with some beach bars and some quieter spots.



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This is a lovely beach with its own unique character.

I visited a day with no wind, which is quite rare as it is a famous spot for surfers.

The beach bar there is just fabulous with one of the most creative ideas for umbrellas that I have seen and a small van for cocktails, coffees etc.

The beach bar is also environmental friendly which for me is always a plus!

Kolympithra beach
Kolympithra beach ©secretgreece
Panormos – Roharis
Rohari beach tinos island
Rohari beach ©secretgreece

Panormos is a lovely fishing village where it has a nice beach and even better restaurants.

Next to Panormos is Rohari beach which has a beautiful beach bar (location here).

Both beaches are north, so maybe there are no better choices when there is a north wind (Panormos is a little bit more protected).

Kalyvia beach Tinos island
Kalyvia beach ©secretgreece

Below Kardiani village, three beaches are very close. Kalyvia, Agios Petros and Ormos Giannakis.

Kalyvia is a lovely beach, with a beach bar on one side and trees on the other where you can lie down and relax.

There is a dirt road in good condition that leads to the beach.

Agios Petros
Agios Petros beach Tinos island
Agios Petros beach ©secretgreece

This is my second favourite beach. You can keep reading for a few seconds to find out which is my personal favourite one.

The road to Agios Petros can be quite tricky as there is a dirt road at some point, and you have to be careful.

But the outcome is quite beautiful. There is a small, beautiful church Agios Petros, which divides the beach into two parts. On the left of the church is a pebble one and on the right is the sandy and the better one – at least in my opinion!

Agios Petros beach might not be for everyone as it is not so straightforward to go there and it is totally unorganised, without sunbeds, umbrellas, bars etc. but this authenticity and tranquillity is what I like the most.


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apigania best beaches in tinos
Apigania beach ©secretgreece

And last is my favourite beach Apigania. It is in the same direction as Agios Romanos beach, but there is a sign where you leave your car, and you follow a path for ~15′ to the beach. Going down to the beach is quite easy, but the other way can be quite tiring.

This is another unorganised beach, but I think the crystal waters and the sandy beach are totally worth it. It is just fabulous.

παραλια απηγανια τηνος
Apigania beach ©secretgreece

Kionia is a beach that many families prefer as it has many hotels and restaurants around.

But personally, it is not on my top list!

It is a long sandy beach close to Chora, and you can approach it even by bus.

Pachia Ammos

This is probably one of the best beaches in Tinos and I say “probably” as we didn’t manage to visit it.

We have heard nice words about this and from the photos, it looks just lovely.

The water is crystal clear and there is a small forest next to beautiful pink oleanders.

It is unorganised, although you can get what you need from the bar above the club (which might be a little bit expensive).

Ormos Giannakis

This is another beach that we heard nice words about, but it didn’t amaze me. It is a nice beach but nothing spectacular.

It has a modern beach bar, “Dear John” and a nice fish restaurant Ntinos.

ormos giannakis beach tinos
Ormos Giannakis beach ©secretgreece

Below you will find a map with all the above-mentioned beaches!

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