The best beaches on Naxos island!

Updated on 05/12/2023. Naxos has terrific and stunning sandy beaches that invite you to stay there the whole day! And we don’t exaggerate.

You will find photos, reviews, tips and at the end a detailed map with all the beaches and their location.

If you want to add a beach or ask me anything, leave a comment at the end!

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  • Best Hotel in Naxos: Nissaki Beach Hotel – Chora
  • Best Value hotel for money in Naxos: The Saint Vlassis
  • You can find our complete list of the best hotels in Naxos here!
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  • The best time to visit Naxos Island is from May until early October. The high season, of course, is July and August, which make September (my favourite month) and June the best months.
  • Naxos is a large island, and you might need to rent a car. But if you want to avoid this extra cost, Naxos has a quite good Bus Network (KTEL) (More information here, but the page is only Greek!). 
  • Naxos has many restaurants and great bars and nightlife!

Best beaches on Naxos island!

The order of the beaches is random!

1. Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios beach
Agios Georgios beach

The list starts from the closest beach to the main village (that is called Chora), and it is just a 10-minute walk from the port! So, it makes perfect for a quick swim if you arrive at the island late or just stay at Chora and you prefer an easy-access beach!

It is a sandy beach with shallow water, and it is organized with umbrellas for rest, cafes, bars, and restaurants!

Also, you can do there different water sports like windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Note that as it is very close to Chora, it can get quite crowded!

2-4. Agios Prokopios – Agia Anna and Plaka.

These are three different beaches, but on the same coastline, and it looks like a very long one!!!

They have soft and fine sand and stunning crystal waters. You will find various beach bars and especially in Agios Prokopios they can stay quite late!

Agios Prokopios: It is the most accessible beach to reach by bus (every 30′ during the high season from Naxos town), and it is well organized and trendy.

Across the beach (it has 1 km in length!), you will find many cafes, restaurants, cafes, and tavernas to choose from!

Note: The winds quite protect it!

Agia Anna: After Agios Prokopios starts Agia Anna, a long sandy beach with a picturesque little port at the end!

This is a beach excellent for families! The part close to the port is relatively calm, and it offers a slightly quieter alternative to Agios Georgios beach and Agios Prokopios. The northern side can be windier.

Opposite the beautiful beach of Agia Anna, in Naxos, and specifically to the left of the small port, on the huge rocks is the quaint church of Agios Nikolaos, which is open only for weddings and baptisms.

It is ideal for those who want to take a romantic afternoon walk and photograph the sunset!

Note: The rocks there further down at the small chapel have strange designs, and one of them reminds you of a shark!

Agia Anna beach Naxos
Agia Anna Beach ©secretgreece

Plaka: Further down from Agia, Anna is located Plaka, which is another fabulous, long, and sandy beach. Some parts are organized, with beach bars and taverns, but some others are not. Pick up your spot and enjoy!

Plaka beach Naxos
Plaka beach ©secretgreece

5. Alyko Beach

It is a small, exotic, and windless beach surrounded by cedars, making it a unique and picturesque setting to explore. This beach is not organized, so bring your own umbrella, water, and snacks.

Note that you have to walk a little bit from where you leave the car, and then different paths take you down to the beach through dunes. As soon as you go down, you realize that rocks separate small coves. You have to be careful about where you choose to sit, on a rocky or sandy spot.

Also, note that the beach is nudist-friendly!

Τhere are some taverns in the area if you get hungry after swimming, which I always do!

Tip: There is an incomplete hotel near the beach, which was designed for a hotel many years ago. But the project was canceled, and nowadays, you can discover fascinating graffitis on the walls of this abandoned hotel!


Alyko Beach, Naxos Island
Alyko Beach, Naxos Island

6. Mikri Vigla

best beaches in naxos island mikri vigla
Mikri Vigla beach

Miki Vigla is another excellent sandy beach and an ideal spot for kitesurfing and surf lovers, as it can get very windy!

Note that there is a small place for food at the edge of the coast.

Tip: You can go to the far right of the beach to enjoy the best part of it, with the least amount of wind!

7. Orkos beach

Between Plaka and Mikri Vigla is the beach of Orkos. It is a series of small, sandy beaches with crystal waters. It is an ideal choice for those who want more peace and fewer people!

It is not organized, so you have to take care of the essentials.

8. Panormos Beach

Panormos best beaches on Naxos island
Panormos beach

I think Panormos is one of the nicest beaches on Naxos island. There you will find some beautiful palm trees that can generously offer you shade!

The sea in the first meters has a few pebbles, but then it has golden sand. The waters are perfectly crystal and clear!

Note that the beach of Panormos is not organized, and it has no umbrellas and sunbeds.

There is parking just before the beach, and there is a canteen (try the mojito with local raki!) to eat or drink.

It is located 16km from the port of Moutsouna and 55km from Naxos town (~one hour and a half!). It is quite far away from Naxos town, but the route is quite lovely, and you will pass through some beautiful Naxian villages like Filoti.

9. Pyrgaki Beach

Pyrgaki is a beautiful beach, surrounded by golden dunes and cedars, which creates create a beautiful setting!

I consider this a relatively quiet beach, and it is ideal for families as it has shallow waters.

Also, you will find umbrellas and sunbeds, and you can do various water sports!

10. Agiassos Beach

Best beaches Naxos island
Agiassos beach

Agiassos beach is sandy with shallow waters, which makes it also perfect for families.

It is not organized, but you will find shade under a tamarisk tree if you are lucky. There is also a tavern that provides snacks, drinks, and food!

11. Kalantos Beach

Kalantos Naxos cyclades
Kalantos beach

It might not be one of the most popular beaches on Naxos, mainly due to the long distance from Chora town, but it is a beautiful beach!

It is a sandy beach with some small stone slabs in some places. The access by car is relatively easy (there is only a small part of the dirt road).

The beach is not organized, and it does not have umbrellas and sunbeds.

Here you will find a complete map with all the above beaches!

If you want to add anything to our list of the best beaches on Naxos, just leave a comment below!

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