Paros has stunning beaches for all tastes! You will find beaches that are quiet with sand and natural shade; nice and modern beach bars; beaches with shallow water, making them ideal for kids and many more!

Here, I gathered all the best beaches on Paros island, which I have personally visited.

You will find photos, reviews, tips and at the end a full detailed map with all the beaches and their location.

If you want to add a beach or just ask me anything, leave a comment at the end!

The order is random! At the end of the post, you will also find my personal favourite, and I think one of the best beaches on Paros island!

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Best beaches on Paros island!

The order of the beaches is random!

At the end of the post, you will also find my personal favourite, and I think one of the best beaches on Paros island!

1 – 2. Santa Maria and Mikri Santa Maria

Santa Maria best beaches on Paros island
Santa Maria beach ©secretgreece
Mikri Santa best beaches on Paros
Mikri Santa beach ©secretgreece

Santa Maria beach is probably one of the best beaches in Paros, when it has the “right” wind!

It starts quite shallow – which is great for children (!) and then gently gets deeper.

There are a few beach bars and restaurants and even some water sports available for rental. It is close to Naoussa, and a bus serves it.

Maybe it isn’t ideal for the peak season if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place!

Mikri Santa Maria is a little bit further and is smaller, sandy with great clear blue waters! It has a nice but quite expensive beach bar with sunbeds, umbrellas, coffee etc.

But, both beaches can get very crowded especially during July and August!

Also, you have to check the wind before visiting both them (Mikri Santa is better protected!)

3. Kolymbithres

Kolympithres beach Paros cyclades
Kolympithres beach ©secretgreece

This is a beautiful beach, but personally, I find it a little bit overestimated! Actually, as you can see from the above photo, they are small beaches between big rocks, which creates a beautiful setting!

There you will find sunbeds and clear water.

It is ideal for families with children!

And just have in mind. Don’t stop at the first bay, but check the others as well! There, you will also find a sailing centre offering windsurfing and small sailboat rentals and lessons; and in the area, kayaks and SUPs are available for rent.

You can reach it easily by car, bur or even water taxi from Naousa.

Friendly warning: In July and August can be very crowded!

4. Faragas
Faragas best beaches on Paros island
Faragas best beaches on Paros island
Faragas best beaches on Paros
Faragas beach ©secretgreece

The lovely setting and the clear, light blue water make this beach high on my personal list! It has some little coves that you can explore swimming or with snorkelling.

It has a lovely beach restaurant where you can have lunch or refreshments. Note that it can get busy.

5 – 6. Chryssi Akti (Golden Beach) and Nea Chryssi Akti

Chryssi Akti best beaches on Paros
Chryssi Akti beach ©secretgreece
Chryssi Akti best beaches on Paros island
Chryssi Akti beach ©secretgreece

This is one of my favourite beaches, but perhaps I am a little biased as I have spent some lovely summers there! It has deep blue waters, golden sands and the beautiful Cycladic landscape! Also, there, you will enjoy everything from coffee to cocktails at the beach and from sandwiches to romantic dinners! If you are a surfer, don’t miss this location. One of the best places for wind-surf and it has incredible wind!! So, if you are not a surfer, have a look at the wind direction before you visit this beach! You can check the wind direction in Greece here! Friendly warning: The map is a little bit weird in navigation!

7. Monastiri

Monastiri beach Paros
Monastiri beach ©secretgreece

Lovely beach, well organised with shallow and clear water, and it is ideal for families! You can follow the rocky path (around 20′) toward the boats, and you will find a peaceful cove beach that is nude friendly and not organised.

8 – 9. Piso Livadi & Logaras

Piso Livadi beach Paros
Piso Livadi Beach ©secretgreece
Logaras Beach Paros island
Logaras Beach ©secretgreece

Piso Livadi is a small beach with clear water and safe, and there is actually a small port for small boats next to it. There some trees that can provide shade here. The water is shallow, which makes it great for kids! In Piso Livadi, you will find some excellent restaurants and authentic food! Don’t miss the Halaris Ouzeri (location here!)

Logaras is a nice, sandy beach, ideal for families. The sea is crystal clear with plenty of trees for shade and various options for food and accommodation. On the plus side, it is quite protected by the wind, and it is doesn’t gather the crowds compared to other beaches in Paros.

From the well-known and popular beaches, although it does not gather the crowds that you meet in other beaches of Paros. It is located very close to Piso Livadi, from which is only a few minutes walk.

There is a stop right above the beach for those who prefer the bus (~20 from Naousa!)

10 – 12. Aliki, Piso Aliki & Agios Nikolaos

Piso Aliki beach Paros island
Piso Aliki Beach ©secretgreece
Aliki beach Paros
Aliki beach ©secretgreece
Agios Nikolaos Paros drone
Agios Nikolaos beach ©secretgreece

Aliki is a picturesque fishing village in the southern part of Paros. There you will find some excellent restaurants and cafes. But also, three nice beaches! The Piso Aliki is quiet and relatively shallow as well as quite warm. There are quite a few tamarisk trees, and you won’t find any beach bar.

The main Aliki Beach is perhaps the best of the 3. It is sandy with sunbeds, great seafood tavernas and a nice playground for the kids next to it! Finally, Agios Nikolaos is sandy-pebbly, quiet, clear water and usually uncrowded! Also, it is perfect for families!

13. Parasporos

You will find sunbeds, umbrellas, and a beach bar on the right side, while the left side is free. It is mainly a sandy beach (on the left side, it has a few large pebbles). It is quite good families and has a free parking space. Please look at the wind before visiting this beach as when there is a north wind; it might be better to make another choice.

14. Agia Eirini

Agia Eirini beach Paros
Agia Eirini beach ©secretgreece

This is a wind-sheltered and usually not crowded beach. The beach is nice, and the sunbeds are free with consumption of anything from a drink/coffee to a real taverna lunch. Note that it is kind of hard to get here by car (there is dirt but in good condition road that leads to the beach. I reach it with a small car)

15 – 17. Naousa: Pipepi, Piperaki and Agioi Anargyroi Beach

Piperi beach Naousa Paros
Piperi beach Naousa ©secretgreece
Agioi Anargyroi Beach Naousa
Agioi Anargyroi Beach – Naousa ©secretgreece

Naousa has three beaches that are close to this beautiful and picturesque village. They might be not the best that you will find on the island, but they are ok if you stay at Naousa and want to reach a beach on foot.

Piperi might be the best one, and it is unorganized with a beach bar, sunbeds etc., though there are several amazing hotels nearby and it is easy to reach by bus or on foot.

Note that due to their north location, it can be quite windy in a north direction wind etc.

18. Marcello

Martselo beach paros
Marcello beach ©secretgreece

This beach is very close to Parikia, with easy access either by car (10′ driving) or by boat (sea taxi). I think it is the best nearby beach and it is protected from the north wind!

It is relatively large, ideal for families and couples! It also has sunbeds and trees to sit freely under their shade has sand and clear waters.

I think it is a good choice for someone who lives in the capital of Paros and wants to swim somewhere nearby and nice!

There is also a nice, beach bar!

19 – 20. Tripiti and Glifa

Glifa and Tripiti beach Paros island
Glifa and Tripiti beaches ©secretgreece
Glifa beach Paros island
Glifa beach ©secretgreece

These two beaches are next to each other!

Tripiti is an unorganized pebble beach with sand on its right! Not very big, but it has a few trees for those who want some shade.

Glifa is a small beach, usually not very crowded and good for families. Very clear waters, little sand and some stones that might make your access difficult but nothing extreme.

There is a small bar with a shower and a restaurant.

21 – 22. Kalogeros – Molos

Molos is a large, sandy beach that is perfect for windsurf and kitesurfing! However, sometimes it is too windy, especially due to the northerly winds.

If it too windy in Molos, a good choice is Kalogeros beach, which is close a much better in terms of wind!

Lately, I hear from many people about Kalogeros, but to be frank it is not quite my taste!

Admittedly, it is a nice beach, unorganized, with crystal water and sand. On the left side, you will find a clay that you go, and you do a free spa with clay spread on the body and the face etc.!

23. Parikia

Livadia makes it to the list only because of its proximity to the city and the port. It is up to 15′ walk, quite large and ideal for those who stays in Parikia and don’t have a means of transportation or prefers to go to a beach on foot.

The Nautical Club of Paros is located on this Beach for sailing lessons etc.

And now my favourite and I think one of the best on the island is …

24. Laggeri

Laggeri beach best beaches in Paros island
Laggeri beach ©secretgreece
Laggeri best beaches on paros island
Laggeri beach ©secretgreece

Close to Naousa, you will find a lovely beach Laggeri with white sand and spectacular dunes and cedars trees, offering the requested privacy for lovers of unspoiled nature. Moreover, it is protected from the north wind, which is quite common in Paros island.

Here you will find a complete map with all the above beaches