Nowadays the most famous cheese comes from France with hundreds of different and delicious types. But, the first historical record of cheese is in Homer, in Odyssey, when Odysseus meets talented chief shepherd eyed Polyphemus! There are hundreds, over 500 different Greek Cheese and it’s a pity that mainly feta is widely known.

Four well known Greek kinds of cheese are graviera, kaseri, myzithra, anthotyro. Graviera is an imitation of Swiss Gruyere, and it is considered one of the finest hard Greek cheese. The quality of the milk, which can be sheep’s or even cow’s, plays a significant role. There are various types and many areas produce Graviera like Naxos, Crete, Mitilini, Amfilochia. Kaseri is semi-hard cheese yellow color, lovely taste and rich aroma. It is produced in Macedonia, Thessaly, Xanthi and Lesbos. Usually, it is used sheep milk or it is also mixed with goat milk. Myzithra is really a surprise depending on the area because it can be made from sheep, goat or cow! It is a soft white cheese without a shell. Anthotyro is a very pleasant cheese consumed especially in salads and it is magically combined with honey!

In Crete and particularly in Chania, there is a cheese named piktogalo spreadable, soft and light. Almost the same cheese with another name you can find in Sitia, the famous xygalo. In the same island there is a very very, but very rich cheese, staka!  It is a kind of cheese that comes from leaving solids in butter!

In Thessaly and particularly in Domokos, katiki has begun to make a significant career in the supermarkets around Greece and is delicious, a little bit sour and has low fat (only 4.5%). In Arachova you can taste the chewy formaela, which is suitable for grill.

The islands have a variety of original and rare cheeses. In Zakynthos, you can find ladotyri which is preserved in oil and also ladograviera and  Mykonos produces the famous kopanisti and tyrovolia. In Naxos you will find a piece of aged Parmesan goat milk, called arseniko. In Santorini very common is chloro and in Ikaria you will find kathoura!

If you are a cheese lover, or you just love nice products and foods, when you find them, select a nice wine and …enjoy them!