Best things to do in Syros in 2024!

Syros is a gem in the Aegean Sea and even if it may not be as globally renowned as its siblings, Mykonos or Santorini, but its undeniable charm and rich history make it a must-visit.

To my view, Syros offers a harmonious blend of traditional and modern life.

Syros is the capital of the Cyclades, where significant cultural activities occur. It also has the most beautiful theatre building in Greece.

I visited this island a few times as a kid with my parents, and I vividly remember the summers and the hours I spent on the beached.

But also, in the last year, when I visited the island, and all my memories and feelings have come up again.

Here, you will find a detailed guide to the best things to do in Syros, ensuring you get the most out of your visit.

In this post, you will find out:

  • Where is Syros island?
  • How do you get to Syros from Athens?
  • When to visit Syros?
  • The best beaches!
  • Where to stay in Syros.
  • How to move around the island.


Where is Syros?

Syros is a beautiful island in the central Aegean Sea, specifically within the Cyclades group of islands in Greece.

It is located approximately 78 miles southeast of Athens; it holds the distinction of being the administrative capital of the Cyclades, with its vibrant town, Ermoupoli, serving as both a historical and cultural centre.

How do you get to Syros from Athens?

Getting to Syros from Athens is quite straightforward, with two main options: by air and by sea. Here’s a brief guide on both methods:

1. By Air from Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) to Syros National Airport (Demetrius Vikelas): Syros has a small airport that caters mainly to domestic flights. The flight from Athens to Syros is short, typically around 30 minutes. Skyexpress offers flights, especially during the tourist season. I will advise you to book tickets in advance, especially during peak travel months, to ensure availability and lower prices.

2. By Sea from Piraeus Port (near Athens) to Syros Port (Ermoupoli): Ferries are the most popular method of reaching Syros from Athens, and I prefer this method of travel.

They operate daily from the Piraeus port, and the journey by ferry can take 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of vessel (high-speed or conventional) and the number of stops it makes.

Several ferry companies operate this route, including Blue Star Ferries and SeaJets. They offer a mix of high-speed and conventional ferry options. Checking the ferry schedules in advance is essential, as they vary depending on the season and demand.

The Ferryscanner platform offers possible itineraries, routes, and booking options. This Greek startup has an excellent interface and many routes!

Also, booking in advance during the tourist season is recommended.

To be frank, if I am not in a hurry, I prefer to travel with conventional ferries to high-speed ones, as they offer a more scenic and leisurely experience!

When should you visit Syros?

The season usually lasts from May to October. We visited the island in the middle of June, and we enjoyed it!

The weather is quite warm, as you can see from the below table.

Syros weather average High temperature
Holiday Weather
Syros weather average Low temperature
Holiday weather

Note that except for July and August, which get very busy as every Greek Island, the weekends can be pretty crowded during summertime as many Greeks visit this beautiful island quite often.

What to do

If you have just one day on the island, then do not forget to

#wander around Ermoupoli

Begin your adventure in Ermoupoli. The capital of Syros is named after the ancient Greek god Hermes.

Ermoupoli isn’t a typical Cycladic small town with white houses and blue windows. It has numerous grand neoclassical buildings, marble streets, and sprawling squares!

The city’s layout is a pleasure to explore on foot. Take a leisurely walk through the narrow streets lined with quaint shops selling local arts and crafts.

Now, the key things to do in Ermoupoli are:

The Town Hall in Miaouli Square

Miaouli square Syros island

This is an architectural masterpiece designed by the famous German architect Ernst Ziller. I am sure you won’t miss it, as Miaouli Square is the heart of Ermoupoli, surrounded by grand neoclassical buildings that reflect the island’s prosperity in the 19th century! It is the common meeting point for everybody!

Explore the Archaeological Museum

Housed in the impressive Town Hall building, the Archaeological Museum presents a collection of artifacts that narrate the island’s history from the prehistoric to the Hellenistic period.

If you are interested in archaeology and history then I think this could be one of your stops!

Visit the Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater, which is often mentioned as the miniature version of the famous La Scala, is an architectural jewel of Ermoupoli. Opened in 1864, it continues to host a variety of cultural events, including operas, plays, and concerts, offering visitors a taste of the city’s vibrant cultural scene, which very few islands can offer.

Tip: Don’t forget to see the Exhibition area on the 3rd Floor. You find there a small exhibition of different posters, old programs, photographs, unique artifacts, and other personal items!

Discover the Agios Nikolaos Church

Regardless of your religious beliefs, this church is a place filled with art, history, and tradition.

It’s also conveniently located in the center of Ermoupolis, making it worth a visit.

Stroll in Vaporia District

If you begin walking from Town Hall in Miaouli Square, you can pass through the Apollo Theater and, Agios Nikolaos church and you will arrive at Vaporia District.

This area was once the aristocratic quarter of the city and is a picturesque neighborhood with stately neoclassical mansions perched on the waterfront.

The district is also known for its small bays, including Asteria, where you can take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters. Prepare your camera or your phone as you can take some lovely photos!

Relax at a Café by the Port

Ermoupoli’s port is lined with charming cafes and eateries. Take a moment to enjoy a Greek coffee or a refreshing “frappe” while watching the boats come and go, immersing yourself in the leisurely pace of local life.

#Stroll through Ano Syros

Best things to do in Syros

Ano Syros area is the first thing you will see coming by ferry to the island!

Perched on a hill, Ano Syros offers breathtaking panoramic views.

View from Ano Syros

The settlement is a true labyrinth of narrow alleys, stairways, and arches.

At its summit, you’ll find the magnificent St. George Cathedral. This Catholic church stands as a testament to the island’s Venetian past.

#Finding your sunset spot

Sunset from Syros island

Syros has some lovely places to enjoy the beautiful sunset and its colours. I have spoken with many people who visit Syros and heard about the wonderful sunsets in Kini, Delfni, etc.

I prefer the small and remote village of Ai Mihali or San Mihali.

Ai Michalis, a very small village in the northern region of Syros, was uninhabited for a considerable period, but lately, a few residents have moved there.

Presently, Ai Michalis, with its charming streets and traditional houses, is the local church dedicated to Saint Michael. It offers visitors a beautiful sunset view and tranquillity that you will find easily on the island.

San Mihalis Syros island

#Taste the Local Cuisine

I like eating at Syros because there are different options, from simple taverna style to more complicated tastes and flavors.

Enjoy the fresh seafood at the waterfront tavernas, and don’t miss trying local delicacies such as loukoumi (Greek Turkish delight) and halvadopita (nougat pie), which reflect the unique tastes of Syros.

Tip: Don’t miss out on the unique San Michali cheese, made only in Syros. It has a spicy, hard texture that is perfect for grating.

#Visit the beaches

Syros offers you a variety of beaches, but I must admit that the beaches are not Syros’s strong points.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find beautiful spots to relax and swim.

Please find the best beaches below.

  1. Galissas Beach: Galissas is one of the most popular beaches in Syros, and it is known for its soft golden sand and crystal-clear waters.
  2. Vari Beach: This long sandy stretch with calm waters is ideal for families. It offers a tranquil setting and has a few seaside cafes.
  3. Megas Gialos Beach: This picturesque bay features a sandy beach surrounded by trees, offering natural shade. It’s a peaceful spot to enjoy the sun and sea.

Megas Gialos beach Syros island

  1. Azolimnos Beach: Azolimnos is a small, organized beach with shallow waters suitable for children. Several restaurants and bars are nearby, making it a convenient choice.
  2. Kini Beach: Kini is a charming fishing village with a beautiful sandy beach. The bay is perfect for swimming, and the village has excellent seafood restaurants.
  3. Delfini Beach: Delfini is a remote and tranquil beach surrounded by rocky cliffs. It’s more secluded, making it great for those seeking a quieter beach experience.
  4. Agathopes Beach: This lovely beach is known for its golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque surroundings. Note that it can be quite crowded! Also, you will find the famous Ono Beach bar there, with a lively atmosphere and loud music, refreshing drinks, and decent food. It can be a little pricey, though.
  5. Komito Beach: Komito Beach is a hidden gem on Syros, known for its peaceful atmosphere and clear waters. It’s a bit off the beaten path, providing a serene escape from the crowds.

#Hike at Syros

Syros has some lovely hiking routes.

Kini—Delfini Beach—Varvarousa Beach: This is a 4.6 km route north of the seaside village of Kini. The trail follows the eastern coastline towards Cape Trachilos, offering stunning Aegean views! It passes by Delfini Beach (you can also start from here!) and ends at the peaceful Varvarousa beach, accessible only by foot or boat. It is quite a secluded beach away from the crowds and the noise!

Kampos – Aerolithos – Lia Beach: This is shorter than the above 3.6 km hiking route in northern Syros, starting at Kampos and ending at Lia Beach. It’s a slightly rough trail featuring interesting rock formations, a small cave, and the Aerolithos rock. The trail ends at the beautiful Lia Beach. The beach has crystal clear waters with some trees that provide shade!

Tip no 1: Bring your own water and supplies!

Tip no 2: Be careful, the path is not very well indicated, so if you find someone local ask for indications.

#Enjoy Syros Nightlife: Dance the Night Away

While Syros offers a laid-back vibe, its nightlife isn’t far behind. There’s something for everyone, from chic bars in Ermoupoli to the traditional taverns in the villages. Engage in heartfelt conversations, sway to the music, and immerse yourself in the island’s rhythm.

Where to stay in Syros

When considering where to stay in Syros, there are several villages, each offering a unique experience.

Of course, Ermoupoli would be the first choice, with its neoclassical and Venetian architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Ano Syros, within walking distance from Ermoupolis, boasts elegant architecture and sea views, perfect for experiencing traditional Cycladic charm.

Galissas is another choice as it has a popular beach.

Kini is a quaint fishing village with a scenic bay and beautiful beach.

Poseidonia is a busy tourist resort that blends traditional and neoclassical architecture and a charming beach. Finikas is popular for watersports and beach activities, while Vari is a serene seaside village known for its sandy beaches.

I am writing a dedicated post about Syros’s best areas and hotels, so stay tuned!

How to move around the island.

Syros is an island that you will need a car, as it has quite a few places to visit.

But, if you prefer not to drive at all during your holiday, then I would like to inform you that there a quite good bus connection! You can check here for timetables, tickets, etc.

Note that July and August can be quite busy, so bear this in mind.

Also, there is the option to get a taxi.

The routes begin, of course, from Ermoupoli. You can find the timetables and routes here. The fare ticket price depends on the route, but it begins from 1.80€.

If you have any question, leave a comment!

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