Do you want to visit Athens, but you aren’t sure when is it ideal?

Of course, there is not a single and straightforward answer!

Every season has its pros and cons, and it depends on what exactly you are looking for in this beautiful city!

For my experience living in that city, the below two periods sound like the best months to visit Athens:

  • April to June
  • September to October

At the bottom of the post, I present an analytical table about the average temperatures in Athens every month!

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But let’s break down all the months!

Weather in Athens!


When you hear about Greece’s climate, you might expect only the sun and high temperatures, but this is not entirely true! It can be quite warm during most months of the year, but Greece and Athens have some cold and rainy months during the winter times!

So, in January, the temperatures are quite low, and they are on average around 10°. The average number of rainy days during this month is 9!

+ Cheaper accommodation as it is a low season and you can combine Athens with one of the biggest ski centres in Greece, Parnassos (more details about the best ski centres in Greece here)!

– Cold and raining weather and winter, shorter closing times for the archaeological sites.


In February, the weather in Athens is quite similar to January with the same average temperature and the rainy days are around 7.

For the plus and cons, you can check January’s as they are quite the same!


There is an improvement in weather conditions as the degree reaches, on average at 13°!

+ weather gets even better towards the end of the month. You can also experience the carnival, which usually takes place during March. The Patras Carnival is the largest event of its kind in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe with more than 180 years of history, and it is located 2 hours drive from Athens in Patra City.

The archaeological sites still have shorter winter closing times, and the prices start slowly to increase.


I like this month as the temperature rises at 16° and Easter usually takes place this month, which is a massive celebration for Greeks with many traditions around Greece and Athens, of course!

+ weather gets better, and during Easter, there are many traditions, especially if you make a short trip from Athens to villages and small towns close to the capital.

– Prices are getting quite higher as Greeks travel during Easter!


The weather in Athens gets even better, on average around 21° (but still some days can be rainy).

+ Better weather and the archaeological sites open longer.

– Athens gets busier as tourists start coming to the city and the prices getting higher as well.


The temperature rises at 26° on average, but the climate has changed a little bit in the past years, and it has some sudden but short rains.

+ “Proper” summer weather, ideal for short trips to Greek islands!

– Busier and higher prices (I think it is now quite apparent that whereas the weather gets better in Greece, the prices gets higher!)


This month and the next one are the busiest months in Greece! You should book your flights and hotels some months earlier as it can be costly. The average temperature is close to 30°, and it can be even hotter during the month.

+ Very sunny and hot. You also have many options for some trips to islands close to Athens!

– It can be too hot and quite crowded.


Here there is a paradox, as although tourism reaches its peak in Greece during that month, Athens feels quite empty, especially close to 15th August!!

This month the Athenians leave the city, so there are fewer people and a relaxed feeling!

+ City is less crowded, and the weather is hot and sunny.

– Temperatures can be extremely high as also the prices!


September is my 2nd favourite month in Greece and Athens. The weather is fantastic as it is quite warm but not in the extreme way that can be during the summer.

+ Nice weather and a relaxed atmosphere in the city.

– What else? The prices! But they get better compared to the two previous months!


The first half of this month is my favourite time to visit Athens! The weather is still lovely (but during the 2nd half can be less predictable), and the prices are quite reasonable! Be careful to check the archaeological sites about the opening times as the wintertime applies.

+ Less crowded, quite warm and cheaper!

– The weather during the 2nd half of the month can be quite rainy and colder.


November is the month when the temperature decreases quite significantly to 15°and can be quite chilly and rainy, mainly during the 2nd half of the month. And for that reason, it is not popular among tourists which means that the flight prices and accommodation can be quite reasonable!

+ Good prices and not so crowded. Also, during this month, the Classic Authentic Athens Marathon takes place, which is a unique experience even as a spectator! But we strongly recommend taking part as a runner! The experience when I did that was simply amazing!

– Quite cold and shorter opening hours for archaeological sites.


December is the coldest month in Athens, so be prepared! In the last years, Athens tries to get some festive and Christmas decoration; it still lacks the Christmas feeling compared to other European cities!

+ Cheaper accommodation

– Flights can be quite expensive, and the weather is freezing.

Now you can find the average temperatures in Athens!

When to visit Athens_weather
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If you have any question about the weather in Athens, just leave a comment below!