The best ski resorts in Greece!

Are there Ski Resorts is Greece?

The last months due to my work, I live between London and Athens. Many of my colleagues in England asked me whether they can visit Greek islands in December or January. When I tell them that the weather is quite cold in Greece and even in some areas there is snowfall during the winter, they seem totally surprised. The majority think that there is always summer in Greece. When I explain to them that there is winter and also there are 19 ski resorts in Greece they are really astonished!!! Ok, some of them probably are really small and the facilities are not even compared to huge ski centres in Europe, but still can someone enjoy a skiing experience in the same country that  can enjoy the summer vacations at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! And I love this contradiction!

So, we collect all the Greek ski centres at the map on the bottom of the post, but we made a smaller list for you with the best Greek ski resorts in Greece!


It is only two hours drive away from Athens and it’s the most popular ski centre in Greece, which means that it’s one of the most crowded places, as many Greeks visit it during the winter even as a day trip! It is located at 1.600-2.200 meters in two locations, Kelaria and Fterolakka. Parnassos has 19 ski runs, 7 ski routes, 10 trails and three mini beginner runs, total length 36km. The length of runs starts from 50m to 4km for beginners, average and good skiers. For adventure lovers, there are 12 black country runs with really deep snow and lots of adrenaline.

How much it will cost you? Around 30 € entrance during high season and if you want to have your first ski or snowboard lessons, you should estimate about 15 € per person and probably 15 € for rental equipment. (the below phot is by Kostas Limitsios)

Parnassos, one of the best ski resorts in Greece


It is the ski resort with the highest altitude in Greece ( 2,480m) and this helps to keep excellent snow quality and of course a longer season. The runs are famous for the high width and mild slopes. You can ski during the night as well which is a unique experience!

How much it will cost you? The daily ticket costs around 15 € and for rental equipment you should estimate around 20 € on weekends and classes ranging around 20 € per person per hour.

Kaimaktsalan, best ski resorts in Greece

Falakro (website only in Greek)

Falakro ski centre is the largest one in the North of Greece with a total of trails 23 km long! The ski runs in this centre are suitable even for those who are not expert and the high altitude contributes to the prolonged season which means skiing even in mid-spring! It has 9 ski lifts to 21 different slopes and it is situated 42km away from the city of Drama.  There are 3 chalets (two at the base of the ski centre and one at the end of the four-seater lift).

Falakro, best ski centre in Greece


It is one of the best ski resorts in Greece usually it’s the first ski resort that opens each year. It has excellent snow quality and good facilities and it lies on one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, in Pindos. With a total of 6 lifts and 18 slopes the Vasilitsa Ski Resort has 22 kilometres of skiing area. Two of the slopes have been approved by the International Ski Federation (F.I.S) for conducting alpine ski competitions!

Vasilitsa, best ski center in Greece

Seli and 3-5 Pigadia:

Seli is the oldest ski resort in Greece (founded in 1934) and is one of the busiest and organised centres of Macedonia. There are many natural trails and hiking path, as it is crossed by the international route E4.

In 3-5 Pigadia is also available the artificial snowfall which ensures an good quality of snow most days of the year. It is also considered one of the best ski centres and it is hosting international games!

This is a list with all the ski resorts in Greece

If you have any question about ski resorts in Greece, simply ask us!

Featured Photo by snowguide /CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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  1. That’s right Diana! Especially this year there was a plenty of snow, even in islands creating magical scenery! The ski resorts perhaps are not like the famous Alps, but from January to March beautiful ski resorts in Greece are operated, if you want something different or if you want to skiing and see sea!

  2. Cool! I didn’t know that even there is snow in Greece! I assume that maybe the Greek ski resorts cannot compete the famous ones in Austria and France, but it’s something different and alternative for sure!


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