What to do in Sithonia, a unique place in Halkidiki!

Updated on 01/01/2024. Sithonia is a place has an intense natural beauty!

The pine trees meet the sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages are located between amazing little bays. You will, of course, need to rent a car and drive around the coast. It can take you some days if you want to relax and discover all its secrets!

Where is Sithonia and how to get there?

It is located on the north part of Greece and it is the 2nd peninsula of Halkidiki region and it is a more family-oriented with amazing beaches, one after the other!

Thе сlοsеst airpоrt is Mасеdοnia Airpоrt οf Тhеssaloniki, which 80 κm frоm thе bеginning οf Sithonia and another option is the airport of Kavala which is farther away. You will reach Sithonia easily though the mаin rοаd frоm thе сitу οf Тhеssaloniki.

And now that we are done with the basics and let’s focus on the beauty of this place!

#Visit the small villages!

There are plenty of villages here and also bigger towns for all tastes, but nothing too fancy and cosmopolitan!

But you will find nice villages like:

Porto Koufo: it is the largest and safest natural port in Greece and it is considered the largest fishing spot in the area! You can see there the ruins of fortifications built by the Germans during World War II and the underground rooms and plateaus where the guns were set up. The point is visitable only on foot, 20 minutes from the castle of Lekythos.

Nikiti: This is a village with 2 different faces! One village, which is more recent is located on a coast and provides many options for food, drinks and walking on a beach. It feels quite touristy but this is not always bad! The other “face” of Nikiti is the mountainous one and it has beautiful old houses, narrow alleys to walk and nice cafes just to relax away from crowds and noises!

Parthenon: This is is one of my favourite villages and is located very close to Marmaras town. It is indeed one of the most beautiful villages in Greece with stunning views of the sea!

Parthenon village Sithonia Halkidiki

Neos Marmaras: This is a nice – and I think the most “cosmopolitan” – place in Sithonia. It is formed by four natural bays. Each bay has its colour and you will find there plenty of local fish taverns, cafes and bars and local shops.

Vourvourou: While you would expect a village to have a centre, Vourvourou isn’t a typical village and not sure if we can even be characterised as one of them. It is more of a collection of nice and modern hotels and apartments, which many of them have a beach in front of their property with a small sandy beach, therefore there is no need to use your car or even walk too much to the beach!

Sarti: Sarti is a destination that can offer you budget accommodation and it can get quite touristy. There is no any big resort there but many small hotels and villas. It has has a long beach (3km) with clean nice waters. which is awarded a blue flag. Note that they are plenty of activities there like windsurfing, diving and other water sports and very close is the famous Kavourtotripes beach!

If you have time, you can also visit some other villages like Gerakini, Psakoudia Sykia, Paradeisos, Agia Kyriaki and Agios Nikolaos!

#Enjoy the beaches

The strong point of Halkidiki and especially Sithonia is its fantastic beaches! Generally, we would say that the west coast is flat and the beaches are close to the road and they are usually sandy or mixed.

The south and east are more mountainous and nature there is really impressive. The beaches are less crowded, but just keep in mind that some of them are accessible by dirt roads. Not even in islands, you will find so many dreamed beaches.

But let’s go and check them!

  • Karydi Beach in Vourvourou is a beautiful small beach that can be quite crowded during the peak periods, an enclosed bay that can get quite crowded in summer but is so very pretty, with lots of shade.
  • Visit Akti Oneirou, where there is Manasú Beach Bar, which has a nice restaurant, bar and some shops Note there that there is a car park that you can use free.
  • Agios Ioannis Beach is another sandy and appealing beach with modern beach bar.
  • After Ag. Ioannis beach you will find 5 beautiful beaches, like Akri Koviou, Kalogria, Spathies, Elia and Lagomandra Beach in the row and you can find which one is best for you!
Akti Kalogrias Sithonia Halkidiki
Akti Kalogria
  • One of most “hype” beach in Sithonia is Kavourotrypes Beach, with amazing waters if it is not windy and many little bays surrounded by smooth rocks. You will find there some cantinas for food and drinks!
Kavourotrypes Sithonia Halkidiki

#find your ideal accommodation

Find your place to stay and enjoy every moment!

You can find our detailed list with the best hotels and apartments in Halkidiki here!

If you feel more adventurous you can find a campsite as there are quite a few like Armenistis.

#go to a beach party

Halkidiki is a place that can cover everybody’s needs from families and elderly to younger people! There are quite a few beach bars in Sithonia where you can enjoy your cocktails during the day and parties at night, like Manasu, Bаhiа, Tаlgо and Goa beach bar.

#reveal a Secret

A hidden paradise is in Halkidiki, and it’s called Ammouliani. The only inhabited island of Halkidiki that fascinates every visitor is located 120 km from Thessaloniki and is connected by frequent ferry boat, lasting only 10 minutes, and you can take it from the opposite coast of Tripiti.

Its isolated bays are the ideal destination for those seeking peace and relaxation, while the large sandy beaches you can indulge in water sports.

Most beaches are sandy and you can reach them either on foot or by carriage, a unique experience on the way to Alikes. After visiting the beaches of Ammouliani you can make a day trip by boat to the nearby islands of Gaidouronisi, Tigani and Mouse!


#discover Secret no2

An extra tip is that as most of the time, the most stunning beaches are not accessible by car, but only by boat!

So, rent a boat for one day and visit some unique beaches, where you will probably have one whole, beautiful and sandy beach only for yourself and your company! It doesn’t sound bad, does it?!!


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