Chios island is the land of mastic, the land of Homer (one of 7 places that claims it!), the fifth largest Greek island and just short of the Asia coast – only 3.5 nautical miles. They say that love is with the first sight. Chios is probably not this case. Perhaps you feel a little bit disappointed with the first image of the harbour, but a walk in the country and the rest of the island will definitely  compensate you: Kampos with picturesque mansions and citrus, stunning medieval villages and beaches with its wild beauty. Mastihohoria, Volissos and Kampos are the main places of the trip to Chios. The latter, indeed, with some beautiful old mansions, is a good base to stay for those wanting to be close to the city, and in recent years there has been growing hostels and the other villages. Alternative base can be made Mastihohoria Pyrgi, Mesta, Olympi, Armolia, Vessa. Walking through the narrow streets, you will feel that time has stopped! The recent years Chios island evolved into a destination for alternative activities, with offices organize excursions to nature – from spring walks in canyons with orchids to cultivation of mastic tree..!

Masticulture is a locally owned and operated small scale travel bureau in the mastic village of Mesta, one of the most beautiful castle towns in Greece. It provides a broad variety of activities related to Chios island environment (natural and social) as well as the people, businesses and associations representing the local traditions and culture of Chios. Masticulture puts together ecotourism packages that combine hospitality and outdoor activities related to all the things that compose the culture of Chios: its customs and traditions, popular arts and crafts, agricultural labour and produce, architecture, and much more. All this takes place on an island that has remained broadly untouched by the tourism development of the last few decades. Chios island has also managed to keep its rural societies present because of its active agricultural sector, which until today continues to be the chief source of employment for the many of villagers on the island, whilst also functioning as a prime factor in Chios ‘ sustainable development.

Masticulture belongs to, and operates with the help of Mesta’s inhabitants, whilst also cooperating with locals throughout the island

  • Organized tours showcasing traditional agricultural labour methods in the great outdoors and in family-run plots or workshops. In many cases we combine, within the same programme, both partaking in the agricultural work and in the final production of the product (eg. Mastic-mastic products, olives-oil, grapes-wine, wheat-flour-bread, soap making lessons etc).
  • Chios_mastic-001Chios_mastic__MG_2455 Chios_mastic_P7180110Chios_seminars_gd-Hios-020
  • Lessons on the local traditions and folk arts and crafts of Chios such as dancing, weaving, religious icon painting, sculpture, ceramics etc.
  • Educational or entertainment programmes for children, through which they can discover the cultivation process, the island’s flora and fauna, folk art and other traditions of Chios island.

Chios_fishing-006 chios_kayak-apothika

If you have any queries contact directly with, visit or simply ask us!

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