Picturesque villages and magnificent nature. Indolent walks and visits to wineries. Wine tourism gives us all the opportunity to know some of the most beautiful corners in Greece with a glass of fantastic Greek wine! And what is better than a visit to the marvellous wineries in Nemea, only 1.5 hour away from the centre of Athens. In Nemea was established the wine zone of PDO in 1971, where the famous red variety of Agiorgitiko, and other red wines, dry, sweet and semi-sweet are produced.

Landlife is team of people who are keen on creating some of the most exciting travel experiences in the area of Argolis, based on the rich Greek tradition and the unique natural landscapes. They organize a seven-day trip of wine, where you can  learn all the secrets of wine and winemaking. You will walk through the vineyards of Nemea, you taste unique varieties of greek wine and  meet their producers. You will also meet the derivatives of grapes and cook Greek food with Greek wine as the main ingredient!


In addition to your experience, you will visit the historic monuments of Argolis and admire their long history. Mycenae, Epidavros and Nafplio are waiting for you to recount their rich history and carry you into the past.


If you have any queries, you can contact directly with Landlife, or simply ask us!

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