Your guide for getting married in Greece!

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries and an ideal place if you want to arrange your magical moment in your life and getting married in Greece!

What better picture than saying the “Yes I do” to your other half on picturesque islands during colourful sunsets!

There are various options for small or bigger white churches next to the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.

Types of Weddings

Of course, you have the option of getting married in Greece in a church or a town hall.

There are hundreds of churches that will make your wedding really special and iconic!

On the other hand, it is much easier to get married civilly and then have a great party next to the sea that you will remember it for the rest of your life!

What documents will need to get?

It is good to know that there is a period that you have to wait for your application to the wedding day, depending on the municipality that you are going to get married. If you would like to organise it on your own, then you need to contact the president or mayor of the community for a civil wedding, or the priest of your preferable church for a religious wedding.

Very quickly, we can sum up that you will need mainly the below documents:

A valid passport, an apostilled birth certificate, an official Apostille translated into Greek, a Proof of freedom to marry, notarized, in both English and Greek and a copy of the local newspaper where your intent to marry was published!

The whole process is not so complicated but you might need someone to assist you, a lawyer and a wedding organiser or agency. We strongly recommend contacting the embassy of your country in Greece to get some more information, as different countries have different requirements.

Ideas for wedding locations in Greece

We know that you can get lost in searching for the dreaming place to get married in Greece, so we gathered some of the best choices that you have.

We recommend some wedding planners, but we strongly advise you to have a look around and call the wedding planners or agencies directly, discuss your needs with them and get some quotes.

The following locations are popular destinations for getting married in Greece:


Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and it would be a one-lifetime experience to enjoy with your loved ones!

There are many different weddings planners in Santorini and it can be very expensive. So, make a good search and ask for quotes. Santorini is extremely popular for weddings, therefore in some cases, you might need 1-2 years in advance to start planning the wedding!

Our visitors have been used Gold Weddings and Weddings in Greece by Heliotopos and they were satisfied with their services. But, as we said, have a look around and call various weddings planners and speak directly with them. Besides, you can check the best hotels in Santorini here, which many of them will help you organise a wedding or give you further guidance.

Wedding in Greece


It is a unique island, which offers an amazing combination of beautiful beaches, breathtaking gorges and wild beauty. There are endless options for wineries, to beaches and remote churches!

Also, an extra plus for your guests is that Crete has the international airports of Chania and Irakleion with hundreds of flight connections around the world!

You can check the Crete for Love for wedding planning in Crete!

Last year we spent 8 days in Chania region and you can get some ideas from our itinerary!

Getting married in Greece
Andreas Markakis Photography


Approximately 1 hour from Thessaloniki, Halkidiki is an excellent choice if you want to plan a wedding in Greece.

It has 3 peninsulas (the 3rd is a religious area where only men are allowed to its monasteries) and especially the 2nd peninsula Sithonia – (you can find our dedicated article about this area here) has some of the best beaches in Greece and we don’t exaggerate!

You can start your wedding search from Kuoni travel agency and if you are looking for a hotel you can look at our related post.

Rhodes and Kos

Both places are quite easy to access as they have international airports with daily flights from all over the world.

Also, they have some very luxurious hotels where you can find the space and the luxurious that you are looking at.

For Rhodes, you can look at Unique Weddings Rhodes and for Kos, you can check Your Greek Island Wedding.wedding_in_greece


This area in Greece has a great history and rich mythology! Especially, south Peloponnese offers some unique picturesque places where you can arrange the party that you want for your wedding day!

Some of the recommended places would be Mani, Pylos, and Monemvasia and you check more at Exclusive Wedding Tales.

Peloponnese_Wedding in Greece


This island has one of the most picturesque churches in Greece. Chrysopigi is a white stunning church next to the blue colour of the sea. Also, very often the bride is reaching the church by boat! How romantic is that..?!

If you cannot arrange the wedding at this church, don’t worry. Sifnos has overall 235 churches and weddings.

You start your research contacting with The Twelve Events for more details.

Chrysopigi Wedding in Greece

Zante and Corfu

We include these 2 islands together as they are close and they have international flights and they are easy to access.

Both have facilities and great hotels to host amazing wedding events!

We can recommend checking Ionian Weddings.

Zante_Getting married in Greece

If except getting married, you would like to spend your romantic honeymoon in Greece, then check our complete guide!

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