Mykonos and Santorini are two of the most famous Greek islands, and especially during the high season can be very crowded.

But, there is an island that although it doesn’t have the fame and the nightlife of Mykonos and the – out of this world – beauty of Santorini, it has its own fans – and I am one of them!

And this is Paros island!!

Paros is one of my favourites for many reasons and additionally, it has one big plus! It’s for everyone!

It has beautiful beaches, you can do sports activities, visiting trendy bars and clubs, enjoying tasty food, wineries, traditional architecture, paths for trekking and hiking etc. The list, as you might understand, goes endless!

That’s why if you visit Paros, you will notice the variety of ages that visit it, from young people and students to families and older couples, which creates a fantastic mix that gives this island an extra dimension!

In this post you will find out:

  • When you should visit Paros?
  • How to get to Paros?
  • What to do?
  • Best beaches
  • Where to stay in Paros?
  • A detailed map with all the best places to visit and stay!

Update: Due to Coronavirus, this summer might be also “special”. We wrote an article  (more information here!) where we explain the current measures and situation, and we will update it as often as possible!

Paros Island, Naousa

When you should visit Paros island

July and August are the hottest months on the island – check the below table with the average temperatures. But these months are the busiest and it can get quite crowded! My favourite months are May, June and September, which are the more ideal, as the island is quiet and much less touristy.

Paros island average annual weather
Source: Holiday weather

How to get to Paros island

You can visit Paros by ferry from Piraeus port, where there is a choice between a slow ferry and a fast( which is more expensive). Alternatively, you can fly to the new international airport usually through Athens airport ( the flight lasts around 45′!) as the local airport in Paros isn’t so well connected yet.

Personally, when I have enough time, I prefer the ferry. It might take longer, but I am on holiday, so I am not in a hurry! Also, I like enjoying the view from the deck of the ship and feel the air by the sea!

The best platform for ferry tickets is the Ferryhopper. It is straightforward and user friendly to check prices and book online tickets.

Things to do in Paros

#Visit Antiparos island

You might wonder why I started the must-visit list with a suggestion of another island!! And that’s an excellent point!

Antiparos was really an island for total isolation and relaxation, but the recent years that has changed a little bit as it attracts more tourists every year! Still, it is a picturesque island located very close to  Paros, and it is ideal for a one-day trip or more! It is up to you!

Ferries from Paros to Antiparos depart very frequently from Parikia or Pounta (just 10′), in case you want to get a vehicle with you (not entirely necessary for one day trip).

#Visit Parikia and Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church

Parikia is the main harbour, and although it might not be the most beautiful village in Paros, still, it has its own beauty with alleys, little shops, an open- cinema (check here the programme) and the famous and historic Byzantine Church, Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, which was built back in 4 century in the port town of Parikia.

Panagia Ekatontapiliani Church Parikia

This church is known as the “Church with 100 doors” and is one of the most important preserved churches of Greece! There is a local legend, which claims that 99 doors have been found in the Panagia Ekatondapiliani, but the 100th will be discovered only when Constantinople (Istanbul) will become Greek again! But this is just a legend and the door has never found! You can look it for that in you want!! You never know!

#Enjoy Water Sports

If you like water sports, then Paros is an excellent choice for you, as you can do a wide range of sports,  like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, kayaking and canoeing, kiteboarding, etc. Some of the best beaches for water sports on the island are considered Golden Beach, New Golden Beach and Santa Maria.

Especially in New Golden Beach the Professional Windsurfing Association’s (PWA) World Cup is held since 1993 and it is regarded as one of the tops in the world!

#Get lost in Naoussa village

Naoussa Paros island

Just wander around, as it is a charming port. Ideal place for delicious food, coffee and of course, drinks! Naoussa is a vivid place with great vibes, energy and exceptional nightlife!

#Drink some local wine and visit an excellent winery!

Moraitis winery Paros island

The third-generation winemaker – since 1910 – produce high-quality wine and have created a beautiful winery, which you can visit and taste this distinctive local wine and be guided to the small museum with the old winemaking tools, old photos etc.

You will find famous Greek varieties including Assyrtiko and Malagouzia, but also local indigenous varieties like Monemvasia, Mandilaria, Aidani Black, Vaftra and Karampraimi. 

It is open from Monday to Saturday (10:00 – 18:00) for tastings and it is situated Moraitis is located in Naoussa.

You can visit their website here!

#Visit Paros Park

This park is a protected area with walking trails, different rock formations, caves, where you can relax some beautiful views. Paros Park has an outdoor amphitheatre and runs the summer Festival at the park, with concerts & plays. There’s also a free open-air cinema by the sea with summer film showings! There you will find some beautiful and easy trails!

You can try the Lighthouse and Cape Almyros. Especially I recommend the Lighthouse route before the sunset as the scenery is even more stunning! More details here!

In Paros Park, you will find three beaches; the main one, the Monastiri Beach, the Perikopetra and Turkou Ammos.

On Monastiri beach, which is the main beach, there is a nice cafe restaurant for snacks, lunch and coffee! Note that the whole park is free to enter and open 24-hours a day. You can reach it by car, by bus and by water taxi from Naoussa.

Paros Park Monastiri beach

#Enjoy Fantastic Beaches!

Paros is also famous for its beaches. So, don’t forget to visit:

Kolymbithres: Small beaches trapped between big rocks and the water provide for a beautiful setting! There you will find sunbeds and clear water. It is ideal for families with children. And just have in mind. Don’t stop at the first bay, but check the others as well! There, you will find also a sailing centre offering windsurfing and small sailboat rentals and lessons; and on the area kayaks and SUPs are available for rent.

Friendly warning: In July and August can be very crowded!

Paros island beach Kolympithres

Santa Maria: Santa Maria beach starts quite shallow – which is great for children (!) and then gently gets deeper. There are a few beach bars and restaurants and even some water sports available for rental. It is close to Naoussa, and a bus serves it. Maybe it isn’t ideal for the peak season if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place!

Golden Beach: This is one of my favourite beaches, but perhaps I am a little biased as I have spent some lovely summers there! It has deep blue waters, golden sands and the beautiful Cycladic landscape! Also, there, you will enjoy from coffee to cocktails at the beach and from sandwiches to romantic dinners! If you are a surfer, don’t miss this location. One of the best places for wind-surf and incredible wind!!

Chryssi Akti Paros island

Monastiri: Lovely beach, well organised with shallow and clear water and it is ideal for families! You can follow the rocky path (around 20′) toward the boats, and you will find a peaceful cove beach that is not organised, and that is nude friendly.

Faragas: The lovely setting and the clear, light blue water makes this beach to be high on my personal list. It has a lovely beach restaurant where you can have lunch or refreshments.
It is protected from the north wind which is quite common in Paros island

and many many more. We give an extra tip for a beautiful beach just below!

Now, the other big question comes to our mind.

Where to stay

The main towns that you can stay in are Parikia, Naoussa, Piso Livadi and Drios. Lefkes is also a good and affordable choice, especially if you don’t mind staying on the mainland of the island.

You can find here a complete list of the best hotels in Paros Island and a detailed map.

Now that we highlighted the top points for Paros, we will give some extra tips, some additional secrets!

Tip 1

Lefkes is probably the most famous mountainous village on Paros island, and really it’s worth spending some time wandering the alleys. But if you leave your car there, your watch and your stress, then you can follow one of many trails of the Paros island that goes to village Prodromos()3.5km away).

This village keeps the serenity and the traditional colour of an era that has been passed.

Get lost in the white colour of the village and get the paths to the two monasteries. One of them, the Central Baptist Church celebrates on 27th July with a great festival!

Prodomos, Paros

Tip 2

Almost 15 minutes away from Paroikia (the port) there is a place known as “Butterfly Park”, an idyllic landscape with dense vegetation. The park is open from June to September from 9 am to 8 pm. During the summer the butterflies cover the leaves of the trees! It is impressive to see them flying because the colour under the wings is bright red, unlike the rest of the body, which is dark! Visitors are amazed by this heavenly place which is quite uncommon in the Cyclades and dry islands.

Tip 3

There are many beautiful beaches like Chrysi Akti, Pounta Bar Beach, Santa Maria, but also Faraggas and Aliki. But, close to Naousa you will find a lovely beach Laggeri with white sand and spectacular dunes, and cedars trees offering the requested privacy for the lovers of unspoiled nature.

Lageri Beach, Paros

How to move around Paros

Paros is an island that you will need a car as it has quite a few places that you can visit. But, if you prefer not to drive at all during your holiday, then I would like to inform you that the bus connection in Paros is one of the best in the Cyclades!! You can check here for timetables, tickets etc. Note that July and August can be quite busy, so bear this in mind. Also, there is the option to get a taxi.

You can find at the below map all the mentioned places and our extra tips!

Do you have anything secret to share with us about beautiful Paros? Just leave us a comment!