Hiking in Sithonia, in Halkidiki! “Not all who wander are lost..”

There is a group of people that holidays for them mean relaxing all day and lying on a beach hearing the soft sound of waves and drinking cocktails. Which, to be frank, it doesn’t sound bad!

But there are others, who vacations mean hiking, climbing, swimming, cycling and generally a chance to offer to their body some action and their mind some beautiful pictures!

Whatever you are from the above, Sithonia in Halkidiki is the perfect place to combine amazing beaches, but also some alternatives activities.

The main mountain in Sithonia is Itamos (also known as Dragountelis) with the highest peak, the Astrapokameno, at 811 m. It took its name from Itamos, a tree with a diameter of 1.2 m and age perhaps 2,000 years! The Itamos develops slowly and is poisonous. According to mythology, the goddess Artemis used itamos as poison to arrows.

It’s a protected area of 200,000 acres integrated in Natura 2000. There are fantastic trails that lead to wonderful landscapes of oaks and pines, and also Itamos is the “house” for deer, wolves, wild boars, foxes and many bird species.

Today, we will suggest some picturesque routes for trekking and hiking, perfect for clearing your mind and knowing some hidden landscapes in Sithonia!


Elia Beach – Agios Pavlos – Petros – Elia Beach

An easy walk, which starts from Elia beach and leads us to the church of St. Paul next to which there is an ancient source of crystal water.

It is said that when the Apostle Paul passed that, thirsty and prayed to God, struck his cane land and since then, the source gushes continuously! Then you will arrive through narrow pine trails to Peter, a big rock from the top of which you can enjoy the marvelous views to both sides of the Sithonia peninsula.

Nikiti – Agios Nikolaos – Nikiti

It is a circular route that uses mainly forest tracks to cross over the hill behind Nikiti to visit the small town of Agios Nikolaos.

Neos Marmaras – Parthenonas – Neos Marmaras

Another remote but spectacular trail that lasts 4 hours and starts from Neos Marmaras to visit the traditional village Parthenon. You pass firstly through an old watermill with a dam and then through olive groves and forests to return to Neos Marmaras either by the same path, by either a bit steeper, alongside a small creek.

Porto Carras – Coastal walk

This walk follows the beautiful coastline with its many sandy bays to the south of Porto Carras.

If you have any queries about beautiful Sithonia, just leave a comment below or simply ask us!

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