Hiking in Kea, walking in history..

Tzia or Kea is in a short distance from Lavrio, the third port of Attiki. It has a network of footpaths with a total length of 36 km and it’s considered as an ideal place for those who love hiking and trekking! Recently, trekking and hiking tourism has been greatly developed, as Kea’s trails are marked as “Network Routes Cultural Interest”. The trails are breathtaking and walkers can pass through forests of oaks and admire the wonderful wildflowers, picturesque churches, and most of those trails end to small coves or to wonderful beaches. The 65% of the paths remain part of the network that connected the ancient city-states, but they are used for many centuries to serve the needs of communication and transport. Routes from Ioulida to Otzia or Ioulida to Karthaia are very easy and enjoyable and they will fascinate you.

Leon: Ioulida – Leo – Dosonari – Red – Diasella – Otzias. The route combines the landscape with a tour of the island’s history.

Helixos: Ioulida – Roukounas – Komi – Agios Konstantinos – Mylopotamos -Flea – [Korisia].

Aristaeus: Ioulida – Messaria – Prophet Elias – Astra – Ellinika- St. Simeon – Karthea. This is the largest route network, which moves in the heart of the hinterland of Kea and it is a part of the ancient street Ioulida-Karthaia!

Dris: Moni Episkopi – Savior – Perameria – Three Madeira – Sykamia. March through the northeastern part of the island, which crosses sections of the oak forest of Kea.

Katomeria – Agios Georgios – Source Kalodoukas – Karthea. Connects Katomeria the archaeological site of Karthaia. Mostly, it’s paved.

Orkos: Prophet Elias – Laoudi – Kambouri – Orkos and Velades – Grikos – Source Gerantoni – Lady of Grikos. The route starts from the Prophet Elias and ends in the bay of Orkos.

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