The traditional Greek cafe (Kafeneio) is like a social institution that counts many  years in Greek society and even if it has started to fade away, still in some places especially in villages remains alive. The old days it was a kingdom excusively for men! A meeting place for card games, backgammon, Greek coffee, ouzo, raki and of course political debates! Men used to spent their free time there arguing, discussing, drinking and relaxing. There are still some places like that, but they are far away from touristic places. Kafeneia exist in hidden squares, streets, villages and some local neighbourhoods. These traditional Greek cafes don’t provide some remarkable food or drinks and their design isn’t modern at all. But they provide honesty, authentic moments and unique atmosphere! We will have now a quick look to some places that still remain original and part of Greek history and tradition.

Megalo Kafeneio, Tripoli

It’s a landmark of the city with history and memories of years. It was a meeting place of the aristocracy and high society and many signifacant personalities like Nikos Kazantzakis, the writer of Zorbas, had passed from that cafe.

Megalo Kafeneio_Tripoli

Panellinion, Amfissa

It looks like that the time has stopeed here in 1936! There is also a theatrical scene and many great Greek actors, like Avlonitis and Fotopoulos, played there, many many years ago!


Akanthos, Kalarrytes

Kalarrytes is one the most beautiful villages in Greece and the cafe Akanthos exists there since 1960 with the best handmade sweets in various flavors! Raki and appetizers and spontaneous celebrations is a very common on this traditional kafeneio!


Cafe Drakaki, Apollonia, Sifnos

This kafeneio is part of the history of the island and a meeting point for people of literature and art. On the wall there are plenty of old photos from the era of old Greek cinema with many significant actors and actress.

Kafeneio Drakaki, Sifnos

Traditional Cafe, Astypalaia

This cafe is authentic reminiscent of 50s and whoever visits it, will have the opportunity to see photos from private gatherings and meetings of politicians and artists.

Plateia Sintagmatos, Anogia, Crete

Plateia Sintagmatos is as traditional as it gets and a perfect example of Cretan culture!

Plateia Suntagmatos_Anogia_Crete

Opos Palia, Patra

This place keeps the same atmosphere of tradition and don’t forget to try the excellent Greek coffee!

Opos Palia_Patra

Anna na ena Milo, Milies, Pelion

The whole wall is covered by old school textbooks and it brings you in another era.

Anna na ena milo_Milies_Pelion

The Cafe of Forlida, Lafkos, Pelion

This kafeneio is a lively historical place and it is open since 1785!  Everything revolves around the wood stove which dominates the center of the cafe and during the winter hot chestnuts are baked at this stove!

Kafeneio Forlida_Lafkos_Pelion

If you have any query about the above beautiful traditional Greek cafe, simply ask us!

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