Most beautiful Greek villages (Part B)

I decided to make a special tribute to the Greek villages as they are really beautiful and they are often neglected!

Many of them have stayed away from the massive tourism and still have a more pure and traditional way of life.

So, on this list you will find the 20 best Greek villages with photos and a detailed map on the end of the post.

You will find the 1st part of the tribute here!

Fasten your seat belts and let us continue our journey towards the beauty of Greek villages!

10. Ano Poroia – North Greece

If you want to dive in the beauty of Greek nature, then plan a trip to Ano Poroia, a village with history and charm within walking distance from the beautiful lake Kerkini!

9. Samarina Grevena – West Macedonia

The famous Samarina is built on the slopes of Smolikas, which is the 2nd highest Greek mountain! The village is located at an altitude of 1450 m and it is considered one of the highest Greek villages and also one of the highest in Balkans!

 8. Kastanitsa – Peloponnese

Traditional stone and painted white houses, with brightly colored windows and flower gardens – many of them are tower houses built over 300 years ago!!!


7. Archanes – Crete

It has a history of 5000 years and it’s built in the foothills of Mount Giouchtas, relatively close to Irakleio city, in Crete. Time didn’t affect the traditional architecture of Archanes and on the contrary, thanks to the exemplary regeneration, it won the European Award for Village Reformation!

6. Agios Achileios – North Greece

The island charms with its unique natural beauty and the protected water biotopes of Prespes, while the artificial bridge makes it very easy to access the island and to this picturesque Greek village!

 5. Dimitsana – Peloponnese

One of the most beautiful Greek villages in Arcadia, with its unique architecture, stunning monasteries, Lousios Gorge and Mainalo mountain within walking distance! The architectural landscape of the traditional settlement, with high stone towers spread over two facing hills, is unique and breathtaking!

4. Dilofo – West Greece

Dilofo is one of the most well-maintained villages of Zagori and it’s a characteristic example of local architecture. It’s built on two hills and it’s developed around the Central Square (Mesochori), from which begin the three main pedestrian streets. This quiet (no cars are allowed) village is full of stone fountains, picturesque alleys, small churches and mansions, among which the highest house in Zagoria, 13.5 meters high, the mansion Makropoulos!

3. Nymfaio – North Greece

It’s surrounded by beech forest. The old houses have been renovated and transformed into traditional guest houses, cosy places and shops with local products. The trails in a forest are one of the best for a mountain bike or horse riding and the monuments make it an ideal destination for nature and adventure lovers and lovers of tradition and history!

2. Syrrako – West Greece

The charming traditional village Syrrako is one of the well-hidden diamonds of Ioannina and it fascinates visitors with its distinctive character and the remarkable architecture!
And at the first place of our top 20 best Greek villages is….

Mikro Papigko!!!! West Greece

The impressive Astraka mountain, which embraces it as a guardian angel and the physical sources, the Ovires Rogovou, outside of the village make the whole scenery magical and incredible! You will see old stone buildings of traditional local architecture and cobbled streets leading to churches and fountains! No car is allowed inside the village and from there begins an amazing hiking trail that leads to breathtaking lake Drakolimni Tymfi.
Do you want to know where all these Greek villages are? Check our map below!

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