Following Neda river, a hidden gem in Pelopennese!

According to Greek Mythology when Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she gave him to nymph Neda, who was a goddess of the waters, to protect him from the husband, Saturn. Neda nursed the infant along with nymphs Theisoa and Agno and she bathed and washed him at Lykeo river, who later got her name, Neda river! Neda is in our opinion one of the most underestimated rivers in Greece and still a hidden gem! It’s a perfect choice for canyoning, trekking, running or even cycling!

Neda is relatively close to Kyparissia, a nice summer resort with an impressive castle. From there you follow the route to the mountain village of Platanias and there a narrow road leads visitors to the canyon of Neda. It’s charming and unpredictable with beautiful waterfalls, which appear suddenly in front of your eyes and small ponds with crystal clear turquoise waters are formed.


The old stone arch bridge marks the start of the hike. And what a hike! The path is marked by informative signs and it goes to the edge of the canyon, where you come across the small waterfall with blue-white waters (it’s because of rocks!). In the depth of the canyon appear another bigger waterfall, which throws the water from a height of about 20 meters!


The overall time for crossing the gorge from the beginning to the end is estimated between 7 and 8 hours. In some places walking inside the Neda river is unavoidable, while in other points swimming is absolutely necessary!

The fauna of the region is rich in variety and you can often see hares, birds, beautiful fish and crabs. Sometimes you can also see blue dragonflies and as they fly over the water which this makes the whole scenery dreamed!

Neda is a beautiful place located on mysterious and amazing Peloponnese

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