Sailing in Lesvos Island..”Let your dream set sail..”

“Although only breath, words which I command are immortal.”

Probably, a quote from famous poet Sappho isn’t the best way to start an article about sailing(!), but I couldn’t resist to reproduce some wise words from one of the greatest Greek poets! Just to introduce you το this beautiful island, Lesvos is the island of poets as it’s widely called and the birthplace of famous poet like Sappho, Alcaeus and Odysseas Elytis, who in 1979 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature!

Lesvos island is also famous about a local drink that you probably know about it, Ouzo and there you can find probably the best ouzo in Greece!  Nature lovers can follow the recorded walking routes to see places where land, sea and the dense vegetation compose images of infinite beauty, and a must is a visit to the Petrified Forest, which was proposed for UNESCO‘s Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in 2014. (See all the existing List of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece)

Sailing in Lesvos – Psara

But, away from the crowd and a “things to do” list, it’s a place where the wind blows away all your concerns and stress, where you don’t need to wear more than a T-shirt and swimsuit, where you can sail through the centuries since on almost every cape you can spot the ruins of an ancient temple or castle. Based in the Marina of Mytilene ALTERNATIVE SAILING  arranges and organises not simply sailing trips but sailing dreams.


Dream of a Sea where…

The wind blows most of the year, playfully changing its force and direction, challenging your sailing skills.

There are no strong currents and no tides.

You can have all the navigation aids you want but still, there will be something interesting to be discovered.

You can easily pass from the crowds to the total loneliness in a few miles trip.

There are no sharks or poisonous “monsters” to threaten you.

You can rest on a volcanic rock and relocate yourself to Nature while listening to the song of a blackbird in the Sunset.

Sailing in Lesvos – Psara

Even more, your special interests and hobbies can be combined with sailing vacations.
Scuba diving, sea-kayak, hiking, biking, 4Χ4, windsurfing, bird-watching, horse riding, natural thermal spas, photography, painting, history, archaeology, architecture and above all, the traditional flavours of the Greek dishes cooked either on board or in selected local taverns!

If you have any queries contact directly with Alternative Sailing,visit their website or simply ask us about anything regarding the unique Lesvos island!

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