Samothrace island..”Let’s find some beautiful places to get lost!!”

Samothraki or Samothrace is known worldwide because of the famous ancient statue of Niki (Victory), which was found in 1863 and now it’s exhibited in Louvre Museum in Paris! In Samothrace the visitor can feel the natural sacredness of the island and admire the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, the Arsinoeio and the fountain of Nikis (Victory). It is located on the north-eastern end of the Aegean Sea and it’s an island of contrast, mystery and inner exploration. It offers a comprehensive network of classic and alternative forms of tourism. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy sea, crystal water, waterfalls, hot springs, ecosystems, climbing, ancient monuments and archaeological sites, Byzantine and post-Byzantine towers, traditional villages, museums, churches and chapels. Did we forget anything?? Mmmm, I don’t think so!

Vathres Samothrace

Saos mountain, the main and wild mountain on the island, has a mysterious energy that fascinates. On its slopes the impressive Vathres, namely the natural pools that are formed by waterfalls, gathers a totally multicultural crowd, from hippies to families and seniors! There are countless, hidden, small and large waterfalls, where the adventurous visitors without any “shame” and sometimes without any clothes can swim at clear, but very very cold -believe me!- waters.



A single mask is enough to admire the unexplored marine wealth of the island, but also for the experienced diver the adventurous sea offers unprecedented thrills!


After swimming and diving, another choice …except eating of course, is….climbing! Not only the experienced and capable climber but also anyone who is interested in, will find the opportunity to reach Feggari (the highest peak of the island), Sfentami (a mountain hot spring), Katharia (the largest plateau of the island), Karia and the Trachilati, two landscapes of outstanding natural beauty. You cannot blame Samothrace for lack of choices, that’s for sure!

It is also worth taking a boat tour to see the strange geological shapes in the southern part of the island,the remote beaches and waterfalls that fall directly into the sea and also coastal or sea caves! With the boat you will admire the largest waterfall in the Mediterranean, Kremastos, whose waters fall directly into the sea from a height of almost 100 meters!!


If you have any question, about the beautiful Greek island, Samothrace, simply ask us!


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