Small Cyclades: The secret diamonds of Aegean!

Small Cyclades is a complex of several islands in the eastern part of Cyclades. The major islands are Donousa, Koufonisia, Keros , Donousa and Iraklia. The recent years there is an increasing number of tourist that prefer them, but until now they have remained their unique and pure characteristic, mainly due to difficult access.


If you are looking for a place without clubs and crowdy bars, where the wind is the most nosy thing,  then Donousa is your island! It is very small, wild with white characteristic houses and if you liking walking and hiking then you can go around the whole island in a few hours! There is also boats that transfer you in different, quiet beaches every day.
Photo by Emmanuel Eragne


Recently, Koufonisia have been an increasing popular choice, especially during August. But if you go in June or September, then you will get pleasure from the peaceful and tranquillity of the place. It was a haunt of pirates, with rocks and caves as entrances, which creates natural pools. Here there are no taxis or shops, fancy restaurants and trendy bars. Half a mile beyond the sea is the legendary island of Keros, which once thought to be the gateway to Hades!
Pori Beach, Koufonissi. Photo © Corfu Apartments by the Beach


Schoinousa is very small island with only two villages, Chora, which is built on a hill and Perivolos. The harbour, Mersini considered one of the best shelters for yachts in the Aegean and taverns have become hot spots there for that reason! The whole landscape of the Chora and the island reminds something from unspoiled postcard from 50’s.  Schoinousa has various and stunning beaches which the strong point of the island!
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Iraklia offers relaxation, with a definite lack of cosmopolitan life, which gives a feeling of complete serenity in all who visit! It is ideal for those who loves diving and explore the marvellous seabed. It very small and bear in mind there is no buses or taxis, no banks and camping. You can enjoy quiet walks through the narrow streets of the island and discover its natural beauty!


The featured image is from Max Patrone

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