The Best Hotels in Kimolos island for 2024!

Kimolos island is a lovely small island that has kept its unique character!

Finding accommodation on this island can be tricky, especially during summer, as travellers to this island book their stay many months in advance.

In this post, we have gathered the 10 best hotels in Kimolos with photos and valuable information.

Quickly about staying in Kimolos

If you are interested in visiting Kimolos island, you can check out our dedicated mini travel guides about Kimolos.

Where should you stay in Kimolos?

Kimolos, a beautiful Greek island, is home to a few delightful villages, each with its unique charm.

Before presenting the complete 2023 list of the best hotels in Kimolos, I will like to say a few quick things about accommodation on Kimolos Island:

  1. Chorio (Chora): The capital and main village of Kimolos is Chorio. It’s a charming traditional Greek village with white stone houses, narrow alleyways, and blooming flowers There are a number of accommodations here, including guest houses, hotels, and rooms for rent. It’s a good place to stay if you want to be close to restaurants, cafés, and shops.
  2. Psathi: Psathi is the main port of Kimolos and has several accommodations and tavernas. The beach is easily accessible from here, and you can find boats to the nearby island of Milos. The village also boasts some traditional architecture.
  3. Aliki: Aliki is a great choice if you’re looking for tranquilityand it’s an ideal spot for those who want to relax by the sea. There are limited accommodations in Aliki, so booking in advance is recommended.
  4. Goupa: Goupa is another seaside village, known for its “syrmata” – boat garages that fishermen have carved into the rock, painted in bright colors.
  5. Karras: Karras is aa good choice for those seeking peace and quiet, away from the main tourist areas.

Remember, the best place to stay on Kimolos Island depends on your personal preferences. If you want more options for dining and shopping, Chorio would be a good choice. If you’re seeking a quiet beachside holiday, Aliki or Goupa might be more suitable.

Best Hotels in Kimolos

So, our list with the best hotels in Kimolos and also the most affordable for 2023 begins with….. (the order is, of course, random!)

The Elephant Beach House – Sirmata Goupa

The Elephant Beach House best hotels in Kimolos

This place is really unique and special. It is located in Sirmata, a very small and picturesque cove. It is a former fisherman’s house transformed into a beautiful, environmentally friendly room. The room itself is beautiful and clean and has all of the comforts of a hotel room.

Let me highlight here that you need a car or scooter to get there (steep drive down/climb up), and there are no shops, bars, or restaurants within walking distance. But this also means that it is very peaceful and quiet. More Information Here!

The Windmill Kimolos – Psathi

The Windmill Kimolos

This is a beautifully renovated, traditional windmill. Its unique charm, spectacular views, and peaceful surroundings are some of the main reasons to check out this property. Windmill is located between the port and the beach. More Information Here!

Sardis Rooms – Aliki

Stay Sardis rooms Kimolos

This property stands out for the hospitality of the hosts. It’s a family-run establishment, and I am pretty sure that you will feel welcomed and well taken care of! It is located in Aliki, and a good restaurant is attached to the rooms. More Information Here!

PS House Kimolos – Chora Kimolos

PS House where to stay in Kimolos

The property is located in the heart of Chora, at a distance of a few meters from all the points of interest on the island. The excellent location of the apartment in the area, with a beautiful courtyard, ensures peace and tranquillity! More Information Here!

Alisea Resort – Aliki Beach

Alisea Resort kimolos

The accommodation is next to a beautiful beach and a very good tavern. So, this is, for me, an excellent combination!

You will find there a nice tranquillity where you only hear the waves of the sea.

Manos, the host, is super helpful and will come up with many recommendations!

Note that it is a little far from the port and the village and you need a means of transport, but this wasn’t an issue for us! More Information Here!

To Rantevou tis Alykis Rooms & Apartments – Aliki beach

To Rantevou tis Alykis Rooms & Apartments

Excellent location close to 3 beaches and great sea views. You can hear the waves from the room!

The breakfast is delicious with local products, sweet and salty, plus eggs of great quality! More Information Here!

Toffee – Psathi

The apartments are spotlessly clean, very bright, and nicely decorated.

Mr Kostas and Ms Katerina are excellent hosts, super nice and professional.

The accommodation is between the Chora and the beach. Therefore, if there are no means of transportation, everything has to be done on foot, either on a steep uphill or steep downhill, but note that the walking distance isn’t long! More Information Here!

ASTRAVI – Rema Kimolos

ASTRAVI kimolos island

Beautiful apartment with a great view over Rema beach and fresh modern decoration.

It’s a very quiet and peaceful spot to relax in. The apartment is a short but steep uphill walk to restaurants in the town. More Information Here!

KalamitsiView Studios

Stay KalamitsiView Studios kimolos

This is a very neat accommodation, with kind hosts. The owner is also running a tavern with great traditional Greek food. Convenient location near Chora and the port, but you will need a means of transport. More Information Here!

Archipelagos– Chora Kimolos

Archipelagos best hotels in Kimolos

This is a very pretty and traditional house in a narrow alley, where you might feel part of the village life! It is located inside the village, and it is a 2′ walk to the supermarket) and to different restaurants and tavernas. Maria, the host, is very polite and helpful. More Information Here!

This was the list wth the best hotels in Kimolos.

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