Best things to do in Naxos island!

Updated on 11/01/2024. The recent years Naxos Island has gotten more and more attention, and there is a reason for that. Actually, there are many reasons!! Naxos is famous for its beaches, traditional villages, beautiful castles and local products. Moreover, as it is the largest island in the Aegean, you will find there various activities, tours, and things to do!


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  • Best Hotel in Naxos: Nissaki Beach Hotel – Chora
  • Best Value hotel for money in Naxos: The Saint Vlassis
  • You can find our complete list of the best hotels in Naxos here!
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  • If you have a limited time to spend in Naxos, you select the tour “From Naxos: All Inclusive Cruise on a Luxurious Catamaran”, where you will visit beautiful beaches and coves on a luxurious Catamaran! It is a nice and very relaxing experience!
  • The best time to visit Naxos Island is from May until early October. The high season, of course, is July and August, which makes September (my favorite month) and June the best months.
  • Naxos is a large island, and you might need to rent a car. But if you want to avoid this extra cost, Naxos has a quite good Bus Network (KTEL) (More information here, but the page is only Greek!). The main bus station is located just a few meters from the main port, where you can pick up a copy of the daily scheduled timetable of service.
  • Naxos has many restaurants, great bars and nightlife!

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So, let’s have a closer look at the best things that you have to do on this beautiful Greek island in the Cyclades.

What to do on Naxos island

#Take a photo from Portara, the Apollo Temple

If you go by ferry to Naxos island, this will be the first thing that you will see! Especially during sunset when the colours get mixed with the blue of the sea is amazing. The only drawback? It can become quite crowded!

#Get lost in the old town and visit Kastro

Chora is the capital of Naxos and is one of the most picturesque old towns of the Cyclades! Visit the Venetian Castle, the Mycenaean City of Grotta and various museums. Within the Chora and the main square, you will find the Catholic Church and the Central Tower. Take a stroll through the narrow alleys, discover the Venetian mansions with the archers, search for the Commercial School that Kazantzakis attended and where the Naxos Archaeological Museum is today housed!

Naxos town Chora drone
Naxos chora from done ©secretgreece
Naxos chora kastro castle
Kastro ©Secretgreece
Naxos chora kastro castle
Naxos Chora ©Secretgreece

#Go to the beautiful beaches and stay as long as you like!

Naxos has wonderful sandy beaches that invite you to stay there the whole day! Here in this post, we will highlight the top 5, but there are many more!! We wrote a dedicated post about the best beaches on Naxos island, where you can find them here! Agios Prokopios – Agia Anna and Plaka. These are 3 different beaches, but on the same coastline!!! They have really soft sand and marvelous crystal waters. Especially the first two have many beach bars and note that Island Beach Bar stays till late!

Agios Prokopios beach Naxos greece
Agios Prokopios beach
Plaka beach Naxos
Plaka beach ©secretgreece

Alyko Beach. It is a small, exotic, and windless beach surrounded by cedars, which makes it a unique and picturesque setting to explore. This beach is not organized so bring your own umbrella, water, and snacks. Note that from the point where you leave the car, you have to walk a little bit and then different paths take you down to the beach through dunes. As soon as you go down you realize that there are small coves, separated by rocks. You have to be careful about where you choose to sit, on a rocky or sandy spot. Also, note that the beach is nudist-friendly! There are some taverns in the area, in case you get hungry after swimming, which I always do!

Alyko Beach, Naxos Island
Alyko Beach, Naxos Island

Mikri Vigla is another great sandy beach and an ideal spot for kitesurfing and surf lovers, as it can get very windy!

Note that there is a small place for food at the edge of the coast, but also there are nice taverns around for lunch or dinner!

Tip: You can go to the far right of the beach to enjoy the best part of it, with the least amount of wind!

#Visit mainland villages Halki, Filoti and Apeiranthos, and much more!

One of the differences between Naxos and other islands in the Cyclades is that you will find beautiful and quite original mountainous villages! Coming from the harbour, Halki will be the 1st that you will meet. Walk around, and don’t forget to buy something from the Fish & Olive art and jewelry shop. You will find unique products and not the usual touristic souvenirs!

Aaaa, I almost forgot it! Try the galaktoboureko dessert from the “Galani” coffee shop. Ask around. Everybody knows it!!

Halki vilages in Naxos greek island
Halki village

2nd stop Filoti village, which largest village of Naxos, which is worth a stopover. Also, enjoy a coffee or drink at the Platanos Cafe (location here) Filoti is the largest village of Naxos and the second-most densely inhabited settlement of the island, after Chora Naxos. The landmark of Filoti is its large square with the old plane tree that generously offers natural shade to the visitor in need of a place to relax, far from the crowds.

3rd stop Apeiranthos village. This is my favorite village as it keeps its authenticity and originality. It has 4 different museums, which are worth a visit and your support! You can have ouzo at ” Stou Giorgou” or dinner at Amorginos Tavern (try Zamboni, a local delicious ham!)

Apeiranthos Naxos island
Apeiranthos Naxos island

4rth stop Koronos; It is located on the northeast of the island, and a beautiful vineyard valley surrounds it. Koronos is famous for its tasty wine that is very high in quality. You will find houses of traditional architecture, a picturesque square with vines and flowers, cobblestone streets and numerous arches, which create a romantic atmosphere! If you are road-tripping to the north part of the island, you can stop in Apollon. It is a quite remote village, which makes it quieter and has a different feel to the beach resorts nearer Naxos town. It has a small beach with many restaurants and cafes. Quite close is the Kouros Statue.  It is signposted, so you cannot miss it. It takes no more than five minutes to see, and it is a rough sculpture of the god of Dionysus, so it must have been in the initial stages. The view from next to the kouros is nice too.

#Windsurfing in one of the locations in the world!

Naxos is served by the Meltemi wind, which blows all summer from May to September. The wind occurs when high pressure forms over the Balkans and low pressure forms over Turkey. If the system is working, the wind will always come from the north, often with a bit of west or east, which makes a big difference to the conditions.  In August, the wind blew force 6-7 over 90% of the time.

#Hike at Mountain Zas

If you like hiking, then Naxos can also offer this alternative! Mount Zas, which extends southeast from the village of Filoti, is the highest peak of both Naxos and the Cyclades (1,004 m). According to Greek Mythology, Zeus grew up here, while his son Dionysus, the god of wine and entertainment, was raised in the same mountain and even in a cave called Za’s Cave!

Hiking in Naxos island zas mountain
Hiking in Naxos!

You can select the below route and find even more details and GPS information here! Filoti – Aria Spring – Zas Cave – Zas Summit – Agia Marina – Danakos – Back to Agia Marina – Agia Irene – Filoti

#Daily trips to Mykonos, Archaeological site of Delos and Koufonissia

If you want to take an idea of some of the best islands, then you can select any of the below tours:

From Naxos: Delos and Mykonos Full-Day Boat Trip

Mykonos Island
Mykonos Island

Mykonos (find our dedicated post here!) is one of the most famous islands globally, and Delos is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites in Greece ( you check our dedicated related post here!)with ruins that tell the story of a 3,000-year-old civilization. This tour covers both islands in one day and gives you a taste of these special Greek islands. More Information here!

If you prefer something quieter, you can choose this tour and visit the Koufonisia islands, one of the most upcoming Greek Islands.

#Try Local Products

Potatoes Dairy: In the Naxos mountains thousands of goats and sheep are raised, and there is also a large number of cattle that give the precious milk from which the famous Naxian cheeses are made!

Cheese: You should definetely try the local

Kopanisti and the Naxian Gruyere cheese, which has been protected since 1988 and has carried a Protected Designation of Origin (PDI) since 1996! The Gruyere is made with a minimum of 80% cow’s milk, 20% goat’s and sheep’s milk at most, and traditional rennet. It is a hard, table cheese, with a pleasant flavor and fragrance!

Zamponi. This is a local ham from pork leg and its technique and taste are quite similar to prosciutto!

Kitro is a traditional and local liqueur, and it is made from the fruit and leaves of the citron tree, which is quite similar to the lemon tree but stronger and slightly different in taste. You can visit the Vallindras Kitron Distillery in Halki (location here) as a shortstop if you want to taste this unique drink or buy some presents! You can even try to cook some of your favorite Greek recipes using local Naxian products!

A nice activity is the “Greek Cooking Class & Dinner at a Village House”, where you will cook and eat in a traditional house in Kaloxylos a typical Naxian menu with local wine together with local Greeks!


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