Paraglidingin Greece (parapente) has a great development  the last years, mainly due to the low cost of equipment and training, but also the sustainable development of local schools nationwide. This is a sport and activity, without polluting or noise pollution to the environment, usually practised by people with respect for nature and the mountains. Unique prerequisites for a safe flight is a small area in the mountain with sufficient slope without obstacles for take-off and a clean soil surface without obstacles for landing.

Paragliding in the area of Nafpaktos

The group “Lepanto Paragliding” was created 2 years ago, in order to promote and develop paragliding in the area of ​​Nafpaktos, and in cooperation with the Air Sports group “No Borders” Agrinio, provides two-seater flights and trips for familiarisation with the sport.


The activity of air sports within the limits of the Municipality of Nafpaktos, mainly focused on Varasova, but occasionally the settlement in Stranoma. Intense activity exists in the entire municipality of Aitoloakarnania, both by Lepanto Pragliding team and by members of the Aero Club of Agrinio in areas of Lake Trichonis, Aitoliko, the Empeso, the ancient Calydon, Menidi and Paliambela in Vonitsa. Also frequent are the visits to flight areas in Amfissa, Karpenisi and Patra.

Especially, Varasova is an ideal place for paragliding, due its beautiful place and its unique characteristic. Noteworthy is the fact that many paragliding schools from France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany visit Varasova for training purposes.


The village of Kryoneri is already known in sporting level because of the climbing activity offered by the southern slope of Varasova, and is also a popular destination soft tourism during the summer months, just 15-20 minutes from Nafpaktos.

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