Yoga has in recent years become so popular, that we often hear about it, without necessarily understanding what it actually is. Is it a form of exercise? Is it a stress-busting technique or simply a set of breathing exercises? Is it a philosophical system? Yoga is in fact all this, and much more. It is a complete and systematized approach to leading a harmonious and meaningful life. Its principles, in the form that has become well-known in the West, were set forth by the Indian sage Patanjali, probably sometime around the 2nd century BC in the form of 108 sutras (words of wisdom), that describe the philosophy and practice of yoga.


YogaOnCrete offers various yoga courses and other holistic practice holidays in the beautiful location of Chora Sfakion, on the amazing island of Crete. In 2006, the owner of YogaOnCrete, Eugenia, started organizing yoga courses at the traditional house that was to become the base of the yoga centre, motivated by a desire to promote a life inspired by the principles of yoga. Over the years, the YogaOnCrete team has grown. The caring attention of this team is that gives life to the space, within which techniques that encourage the emergence of one’s authentic self and the joy that stems from the connection with this self are practiced. The yoga, dance and capoeira teachers, the massage therapist, the hiking guide, the chef, and the helping staff, are all professional at what they do. While they respect the value of the service they offer and take it very seriously, they recognize that, especially nowadays, people have a deep need for simple, true connection and communication, in which laughter and a lightness of spirit can work wonders.


Many say, that being on a holiday at YogaOnCrete feels as if a group of friends has gathered for a holiday. And this is one of the most essential characteristics of what is offered at YogaOnCrete: the feeling that you are welcome, as part of a group of people of varied backgrounds but essentially very similar to you, and that your experience will be the most precious souvenir you could ever take back home!

During the summer season (June to October) there are various courses of yoga and other holistic practices that usually last a week. Individual travellers can join and either stay in a shared or single room. Additionally, B&B outside pre-scheduled course dates is offered, and there is also the option of dropping-in to a class or two during the courses, subject to availability.


The house, outdoor yoga platform and studio can also be rented for a private group, or by a teacher to host a yoga or other holistic practice retreat, and practice, learn, grow and rest in a stunning location, with the care of YogaOnCrete’s on site staff.


If you have any queries, please contact directly with YogaOnCrete or simply ask us!