Best Villages & Little Towns to stay in Paros in 2024!

Updated on 01/03/2024. Paros is one of my favourite Greek islands!

It has beautiful beaches, you can do sports activities, visit trendy bars and clubs, enjoy delicious local food, taste excellent local wine, admire the traditional architecture and follow paths for trekking and hiking. The list, as you might understand, is endless.

But, the most important characteristic is that it’s for everyone!

Now, if you are looking for places to stay, here is a complete guide, where we analyse the areas that you could stay, and we will try to guide you to make a good choice that fits your needs and preferences.

  1. Where to stay on Paros if you love nightlife
  2. Where to stay on Paros if you love luxurious holidays
  3. Where to stay on Paros if you love hiking
  4. Where to stay on Paros if you love watersports
  5. Where to stay on Paros if you love waking up in front of a great beach
  6. All the best villages and towns to stay in Paros

Here are our travel guides about Paros island

Where to stay on Paros if you love nightlife

I think here the answer is relatively easy. Naousa will be the first choice as it gathers many excellent bars and clubs.

Some of the best bars here are Sante Cocktail Bar, Fouska, Fotis All Day Bar and Cosmos Cocktail Bar.

But, on the other Parikia is quite good in terms of nightlife and partying. There are quite a few options there where you can enjoy your cocktail or dance like Pirate Bar, Sativa Music Bar and Bebop x Joomla.

Where to stay on Paros if you love luxurious holidays

Parilio best hotels in Paros

Admittedly you will find that many luxurious resorts and hotels are spread out throughout the island.

But many of them are gathered in Naousa town.

My recommendation about the best luxurious hotels are

Where to stay on Paros if you love hiking

Hike at paros park
Paros Park ©secretgreece

The obvious answer here is Lefkes village. You will find more below on the “best places to stay in Paros section”. For now, we can only mention that Lefkes is a beautiful mountainous village where many hiking oaths begin or pass by,

Where to stay on Paros if you love watersports

The obvious reply would be Golden beach (or Chrysi) and New Golden beach.

Especially in New Golden Beach, the Professional Windsurfing Association’s (PWA) World Cup has been held since 1993, and it is regarded as one of the very best in the world!

Except for windsurfing you can do there various watersports like kitesurfing, SUP boards, diving and many more.

Note that there is no proper village there, just some lovely hotels and apartments. There are though some small shops and mini-market to get the necessary.

Pounta beach is also famous for water sports and in Santa Maria you can try scuba diving etc.

Best Hotels for water sports

Where to stay on Paros if you love waking up in front of a great beach

Faragas best beaches on Paros island
Faragas best beaches on Paros island

Therefore, there are many great beaches and many wonderful beachfront hotels and villas.

The majority of these hotels are outside the picturesque Parikia and Naousa.

Our recommendations are

What are the Best Places to Stay in Paros?

The two first places that most visitors are looking for in Parikia and Naousa. Lately, Piso Livadi has been a quite upcoming choice as it combines a nice beach and excellent restaurants.

And for those searching for a more quiet place away from the noise of the tourists, then Drios or Ampelas might be a good choice.

So, let’s check all the areas where you can stay on Paros Island.


It is the capital of the island and the first place you will meet once you arrive at Paros as it is the main harbour!

On one side of the road, there are many restaurants, cafes, bars and on the other side, a long beach. You will also find narrow alleys with great shops and energy!

It’s an excellent place to stay if you want to be in the centre of it all or be close to the port (you can catch the ferry to Antiparos from there).

The recent years, in Parikia, newly designed boutiques and small shops, are open, creating a nice buzz and atmosphere!

In Parikia, you will definitely visit the iconic church,  Church of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani, which dates to the 4th-century A.D.  and the always interesting archaeological museum.

Best Hotels in Parikia, Paros

Naousa or Naoussa

best things to do in paros
Naousa ©secretgreece

If Parikia is the capital of the island, Naousa is the heart! Naousa is also a fishing village with many fishing boats on its picturesque small harbour with many bars and taverns. We totally recommend going there during the sunset. Absolutely amazing!

From Naousa’s old port you can take the water taxi and visit Kolymbithres Beach, Monastiri Beach, which is a part of the beautiful Paros Park) and the beautiful beach of Santa Maria.

Best Hotels in Naousa, Paros

Piso Livadi

This is another small fishing port with nice taverns and it’s relatively calm.

For me, it is a good alternative to Naousa village.

It might not be as picturesque as Naousa, but it has a lovely beach (plus Logaras beach is extremely close), excellent tavernas and more affordable accommodation.

If you don’t stay eventually there, you have to visit it for the food.

Best Hotels in Piso Livadi, Paros

Aloni Hotel 

Anthoula’s Sea View Apartment – Value for money

Elena Studios & Apartments – Affordable

JUST BLUE with amazing Sea Views in Piso Livadi – Mid-price


One more quiet fishing village with delicious food and lovely surroundings!

It might be a little far away from Parikia and Naousa, but it is next to beautiful Chrysi Akti, close to Tripiti and Glyfa beach and closer to the south village Aliki.

Don’t forget to check also the Aspro Chorio, which is very close to Drios.

Best Hotels in Drios, Paros

Aliki village

This is a nice and quiet remote from the heart of Paros island. It is ideal for families, as it has lovely beaches nearby, many cafes and restaurants and a playground next to the beach.

If you are looking to spend some time, there is the Museum of Cycladic Folklore. This is not a usual museum, as there you will find handmade miniatures made from materials only from the Cycladic land.

Best Hotels in Aliki, Paros


It is a mountainous village with great character. If you don’t mind being a little bit far away from the sea, then its beauty will reward you! A small village is situated in between mountains that shows you the real side of the Greek islands.

Don’t forget to visit the Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), built-in 1830, and you will definitely notice it.

Also, Lefkes begin and pass many hiking trails to Lagada, Drios, aspro Horio, Agkaria Kamari, etc.

During the day it might feel sometimes overcrowded, but no worries as many visitors don’t stay there.

Best Hotel in Lefkes, Paros

Villa Byzantino

If you have any question, leave a comment!

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