Windsurfing in Aegean!”If you’re having a bad day, catch a wave.”

Greece has 6,000 small and large islands and a coastline of more than 10,000 miles and with the assistance of the strong winds especially during the summer, make this small country ideal and one of the best places in the world for windsurfing!
Windsurfing fascinates young and older as well and it requires little physical strength since the most important thing is the correct technique. Easy to say, hard to have it!

For beginners, it is strongly recommended to start with a windsurf school teacher, who will show you the right technique but also provide you with the appropriate equipment! If after the first lessons you discover that you have just found the sport that suits you, then it’s worth investing in good equipment, which will cost you something around 1,600 euros for windsurfing, outfit and shoes.

For more advanced: They have to check their equipment, don’t go too far away especially if you do windsurfing alone, be informed about the weather for the beach and wear a helmet if the winds are too strong.


In Cyclades there are many beaches for windsurfing like Chrysi Akti, Nea Chrysi Akti, Tsoukalia, Santa Maria and Pounta in Paros.
In Naxos Agio Georgios, Mikri Vigla, Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna.
In Mykonos Ftelia and Kalafatis.
In Andros Ormos Korthios.
In Rhodes Trianta, Fanes, Prassonisi and Theologos.
In Karpathos Devils’s Ormos and Ammoudara in Herakleion Crete.

It is needless to say that there are a lot more beaches in the Aegean perfect for windsurfing! If you want to find more about windsurfing in Greece, then simply ask us!
So, grab your board and start…the next wave is waiting for you!

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