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Yoga the recent years has been very popular, mainly due to our modern lifestyle. Stress, pressure, endless lists with tasks that we “have to” complete and probably some of our dreams are neglected to some corner. Yoga helps us to rethink our existence in reflection to our natural environment (land, water, air) and decompress our desire to always tend and think about future.


A small island, which fortunately is still out of the touristic package that many travel agencies offer, stands in the middle of Aegean and wait for you to discover its unique villages, beaches and people.

The island of Tinos has always been connected with spiritual practices from the mysticism of the ancient Greeks to present day Christianity as every year a pilgrimage takes place on the date of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

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The yearly pilgrimage for which devoted believers make their way to Tinos from all over the world is noteworthy because many of the pilgrims make their way from the port to the church of Panagia Evangelistria – an incredible uphill 800 metres – on their knees to show their devotion.

In that beautiful island Yogaintinos travels us, as its name suggests, to Tinos island, to explore yoga and our self. Yoga is a process of self evaluation but also a profound and inner research for the teacher.

During practice, the instructor likes to encourage students to turn to themselves, to become observers of their mind and to hear how the whole body “breathes”.


In Yogaintinos you can try hatha and swing yoga.

During hatha yoga you will make a set of physical exercises (known as asanas), and sequences of asanas, which are designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones and unify the mind, body and soul.


During swing yoga you will feel like you hover in the air with the necessary help of… swings!

The main purpose of the lesson is for you to leave this course happier and healthier. Some of the most common benefits of Swing Yoga are: strong core body, improved alignment and strong shoulders.

It is a complete exercise for the whole body that decompresses the spine and so helps your entire body to be restored and realigned.


The first workshops will be accommodated in a place of unique beauty, mountain Xomvourgo, but also in the wonderful school of Tripotamos.


If you have more queries, check YogaInTinos, or their FB page, or simply leave us a comment below!

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