About us

What is SecretGreece?

SecretGreece is a travel blog and not a travel agency. It is coming from our profound need to promote Greece in a way that is differentiated from the usual and it uncovers the hidden and alternative side of this small, but beautiful country.


Greece is not only about places, sun and history. It’s a way of thinking and a way of enjoying life, which is something that maybe even Greeks have forgot.

Greece is not only about beaches and incredible deep blue waters. But it’s about finding yourself, activating your body and your mind, coming closer to nature and living great unique moments.

Greece is not feta and moussaka, it’s about tasting original and natural flavors, is about discovering the “unshaped” and the real.

Greece is not only about debt and economical analysis, but it’s about authentic people that they laugh loud, talk endless, sing, even make mistakes.

Greece is not the centre of the world, by it’s the centre of our heart and we want to illustrate this imperfect but totally authentic image of Greece to everyone.

Who is SecretGreece?

Hellooo! My name is Dimitris, I am Greek and back in 2014, I had an idea to start writing down all the beautiful things that I love about Greece and often are not mentioned! With the help of friends, I created this blog and we started writing about villages, gorges, lakes and activities, like hiking, climbing etc. But things have been changed the past 2 years and now that I live between London and Athens, I feel even more motivated to show the hidden beauty of Greece!

Advertising policy

We don’t get paid to advertise any activities that you will find here, because we want to protect our integrity and reliability. 

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Hopefully, we will accompany you on this lovely journey! Stay tuned!