Where to eat and drink in Tinos!

Updated on 15/01/2023. Tinos has some amazing taverns and restaurants and the quality of food is quite high!

To my opinion, Sifnos and Tinos islands have two of the best cuisines of Greek traditional food!

Usually, when we visit we rarely don’t recommend such places, as they tend to change quite often every year.

But for Tinos, we will make an exception and we will highlight some of our favourite cafes and restaurants!

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Where to eat in Tinos

All day cafe – bistros

Myrtilo – Chora
Myrtilo bar gastronomy guide tinos
Myrtilo bar ©secretgreece

This list should start from my favorite all-day cafe in Tinos Chora.

It is located in the heart of the main town, inside the picturesque alleys!

You can have your breakfast, your brunch, your lunch, or even your drink! It is really a must-visit!

Find the location here!

Myrtilo bar food guide tinos
Myrtilo bar ©secretgreece
Athmar – Pyrgos

Another all-day restaurant bar, which is located on the quaint square of the beautiful Pyrgos village.

We ate a fantastic brunch and we visited for a 2nd time to try the dinner menu and it didn’t disappoint us! delicious dinner! Excellent food in the fantastic Pyrgos square!

But the highlight of the Athmar is Vangelis, who has as a motto “feel like a local” and he totally means it!

He will make sure that you have a great time at this bar-restaurant and he will recommend you the best places on the island!

He gave us some of his secrets about the island and I am going to pass them on to you!!

Find the location here!

Croque Monsieur – Krokos

This is another all-day Bistrot in Krokos village! We tried the brunch and it was simply fantastic!

Especially the pancake was delicious! Highly recommended!

Find the location here!

Κροκ Μεσιέ τηνος
Krok Monsieur ©secretgreece
Svoura – Komi

We love when someone recommends a restaurant to us and we try it.

But it is a totally fantastic feeling when we find by accident a restaurant and when we try it, it turns out to be amazing!

And this is the case with Svoura!

We were following a hiking trail and we missed a turn (I blamed my partner for this miss, but she blamed me! So, I called it a tie!).

So, we arrived by mistake at the picturesque square of Komi village! And we fell in love with the square!!

We tried Svoura’s food and we weren’t disappointed! The food is fantastic and the service even better!


Komi square tinos island
Komi square ©secretgreece

We visited 3 times the restaurant, as we wanted to taste the rooster with pasta and every time something happened and we couldn’t try this specific dish!

But finally, we made it and it was just awesome!

Find the location here!

where to eat in tinos svoura
Svoura restraunt Komi village © secretgreece
Xoreutra – Kampos village

Another tavern that we spotted while we were hiking on the island! (It came to my mind that we were focused more on finding taverns than actually walking the path!)

It is located in the heart of Kampos village in a beautiful setting! The food is delicious and the service even better!

Find the location here!

xoreftra restaurant kampos village
Xoreftra restaurant ©secretgreece
Katoi – Smardakito

In the small village of Smardakito, we found a real gem! Next to the village’s church, Katoi surprised us with the traditional and tasty food and the whole village feeling! Really nice!

Find the location here!

katoi smardakito tinos
Katoi at smardakito village ©secretgreece
Marina – Panormos

In the small fishing village of Panormos, we ate nice and well-made seafood.

Find the location here!

Mayou – Isternia

In Isternia village, they have been advised to visit Mayou and Exomeria all-day bars.

We managed to visit only the Mayou bar, so if you have been to Exomeria bar, please let us know if you liked it!

Mayou has magnificent views of the sea and some of the best cocktails on the island!

Find the location here!

Kaktos bar – Chora

We had been told to pay a visit to Kaktos bar, which is close to Chora and has some excellent cocktails and a breathtaking view!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t open when you were there, as it is was quite early in the season, but it is on our list for next time!

Find the location here!

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