What to do in Rhodes island!

Update on 01/03/2024. Rhodes is the island of the Knights! From the moment you arrive there, every step reminds you of the great history and people who lived here.

It is one of the biggest islands in Greece, and it has a variety of things you can do and try! There are a lot of beaches, villages, places of natural and historical interest, and delicious food. The Rhodians are nice and hospitable people, always happy to help you!

One thing is for sure…. You won’t feel bored on this island! I promise you that!

This trip was quite a unique experience for me as I manage to visit it with some friends from high school and we had a kind of reunion on this beautiful island!

Rhodes island is the 3rd largest Greek island and if you want to explore it be prepared to rent a car and spend many days driving around!

Otherwise, you can focus on the Rhodes old town as a basis and just make some daily trips to beaches and small towns.

In this article, I have collected some of the best things you can do on Rhodes Island! Let’s discover them together!

Before we start, you can have a look on our post about the best hotels in Rhodes islands here!

Best things to do in Rhodes City, Greece

#Stroll in the Old Town of Rhodes

One of my favourite places to visit was the Medieval-Old Town of Rhodes. It is on the list of Unesco’s World Cultural Heritage in Greece (check our dedicated post with the complete list here!).

The settlement is full of history, and the memories of the past come to life through the medieval buildings, marble ornaments, fountains, squares, and alleys!

So, if you visit Rhodes old town, just walk on Knights Street and get the feeling of this medieval castle town. Have your phone or your camera ready as it has amazing little corners!

I am sure you will not miss the Palace of the Grand Master, which is just stunning!

alace of the Grand Master Rhodes island
Palace of the Grand Master Rhodes island

The next stop should be the Archaeological Museum, where you can admire the unique mosaics!

I spent some time there as I love wandering around museums! My friends abandoned me after a while and I had to catch them later!

After a while, as we were walking around, we saw the imposing clock tower surrounded by souvenir shops. We also visited the Mosque of Suleyman, the Synagogue, and the old chapels of ‘Panagia to Kastrou’ and Panagia Bourgou.

The Old Town of Rhodes is a place that captivates the visitor. Regardless of how many times you walk on its alleys, you can never get bored of it!

Tip: You can hire a local guide who will give you all the historical information about the place! There is always some interesting information to learn in this place!

#Walk on the Mandraki Harbour

One of the highlights of the City of Rhodes is Mandraki, the main harbour of the island. According to historical texts, in ancient times, this place was decorated with a gigantic statue which was called the Colossus of Rhodes!

It is the last of the seven miracles of the ancient world, but unfortunately, it did not survive time.

Today, the entrance to the harbour is decorated with two pillars with two deers (in Greek ‘Elafos’) on top. You will also find the fortress of Saint Nicholaos, which nowadays is a lighthouse.

In the marina, you will see yachts with flags from all over the world. You will also see the ships that bring visitors from the neighbouring islands.

Tip: I recommend you take a stroll on the harbour at sunset because it is less hot, and the orange-pink colours of the sky will make your walk idyllic.

Rhodes island what to do Mandraki harbour
Mandraki harbour

#Enjoy dinner and drinks at Hippocrates square

If you walk around the old medieval town you will surely pass by Hippocrates square!

Hippocrates square Rhodes Greece
Hippocrates square

The place is full of life the whole day, but when it gets dark, it transforms into the beating heart of the nightlife.

On almost every terrace and balcony, you see bars or restaurants where you can try delicious food and drinks.

In one of the taverns, we tried pittaroudia, a kind of vegetarian meatballs which I loved. We also had delicious beans with garlic sauce which is a local speciality.

At the end of our meal, they offered us a shot of ‘souma’, the traditional alcoholic drink of Rhodes.

#Enjoy the Best Beaches on Rhodes Island

Prasonisi Beach

Prasonisi island Rhodes island
Prasonisi island

Prasonisi is one of my favourite beaches on the island! Here the Aegean meets the Mediterranean Sea, and you can see the colour of the water changing!

The beach is long, with golden brown sand. Opposite Prasonisi is a small island connected to the mainland with a thin line of sand. You can even walk to the island!

The beach attracts many visitors who love water sports, and you will see many people doing kite surfing or windsurfing.

Elli Beach

Elli beach Rhodes island
Elli beach Rhodes island

Elli is the city beach of Rhodes. In this place, you can enjoy a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The amenities close by are countless. There are plenty of beach bars, hotels, the Casino Rodos, and the Aquarium.

There are umbrellas and sunbeds which you can rent. The beach bars serve drinks, coffee, and snacks by your sunbed. You will find places with equipment for watersports as well as activities for kids. Note, that the beach is family-friendly.

Close to the Aquarium, there is the ‘seatrac’ for people who come to the beach with wheelchairs. I liked this initiative which gives accessibility to the sea for everyone.

How to get there: If you stay in Rhodes city, just walk to the beach. Find the location here!

Tsambika Beach

About 30 km away from Rhodes town is the Tsambika beach. It has shallow blue waters and nice sand. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island!

There are sunbeds that you can rent and lay down there for the whole day!

How to get there: By car (~30-35′ from Rhodes city) and by bus. Find the location here!

Tsabika beach Rhodes island
Tsabika beach and Tsabika Monastery on the right

St. Paul’s Bay

Locals recommended that we visit Saint Paul’s Bay, and we did not regret it!

According to local history, Apostle Paul arrived at this cove in 51 AD and spoke to the Rhodians about Christ. In his memory, there is a chapel on the one end of the beach. From there you have a view of the whole beach!

The cove is surrounded by imposing rocks. We did snorkelling, and we appreciated the rich structures at the bottom of the sea.

We also enjoyed swimming in the clear turquoise waters. We were a bit surprised by the number of people we found there, but we enjoyed our day regardless.

You must visit this beach when you are in Rhodes!

How to get there: By car (~50′) and by bus. Find the location here!

Lindos Beach

Lindos beach rhodes island
Lindos beach

Under the village of Lindos is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters. It was less busy than the rest of the beaches I visited on Rhodes Island.

I think the Acropolis of Lindos, which overlooks the beach adds to the beauty of the place.

Note that there is a parking area where you can leave your car!

Also, you can here do kayaking and snorkelling (check this activity here) and visit bays including Anthony Quinn’s Beach and Ladiko!

After the swim, we strolled around the village and the picturesque alleys and had a delicious lunch at one of the local taverns.

Don’t forget to visit the Acropolis and get as many photos as you can!

There and we had a guided tour in which we learned the history of Lindos and the surrounding area. I found it very interesting!

How to get there: By car (~50′), by boat (there is a very nice boat tour from the main harbour of Rhodes to Lindos, more information here!) and by bus of course (find timetable here!)

Faliraki Beach

Faliraki beach Rhodes island
Faliraki beach Rhodes island

I cannot avoid mentioning Faliraki beach, one of the most popular on the island.

It is 5km long, and it has all kinds of amenities. You can come here in the morning and leave very late at night; there are cafes, restaurants, taverns, bars, and clubs. There are beach loungers, showers, toilets, and free parking.

The waters at crystal clear, and the sand is golden. The beach is full of young people and families.

At Faliraki, you will also find the biggest Water Park in Europe. There is a special section of the park just for children and a part with slides and activities for adults. It is a place where you will have a lot of fun!

Tip: I have to confess that Faliraki might not be one of my favourite places in Rhodes, but it is a place that attracts many young people for the nightlife and parties!

Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Springs best things to do in Rhodes island
Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Springs is something unique and quite special for a Greek island!

It is a thermal spa by the sea which combines nature with architecture!

This place attracts people since ancient times. The hot waters coming out of the springs are considered therapeutical. The spa renovated in 2007 offers services and relaxation to its visitors. This idyllic place hosts weddings, conferences, and events, but it is also open to the public.

The ticket costs 5 euros for the adults and 2.50 for children. You can swim around the springs and have a meal at the nice café-restaurant with a view of the cove!

#Try different activities and excursions in Rhodes Island

The Valley of the Butterflies

One of the best things to see on Rhodes Island is the Valley of Butterflies!

It is a natural reserve, about 25 km away from the city of Rhodes. Once in the park, you walk on a stone path of about 1 km while butterflies fly from tree to tree or rest everywhere. The trees and running waters give you the feeling you have just entered Paradise.

The type of butterfly you see at the park is called Panaxia Quadripunctaria or Jersey tiger. The outer wings are black and white (a bit like zebra), and the inner wings, which are visible when they fly, are red.

Seven Springs (Epta Piges)

What I find unique about Rhodes is the variety of landscapes. Seven Springs is one of those places that calm my soul. In this little oasis, seven springs of fresh cold water run all year long. It is a Natura 2000 protected zone because it is a very sensitive natural reserve.

The springs create a lake, which you can access from a narrow, dark tunnel, or the walking path.

If you stand cold water, then you can also swim in the lake. There is a café where you can sit after your walk and enjoy cold coffee.

Tsambika Monastery

It is the famous spiritual center of Rhodes Island, which is interesting to visit regardless of being religious. It is on a mountain overlooking the area.

You can leave your car in the parking area. From there, you can reach the Byzantine Church after climbing 350 steps. According to the local tradition, couples with difficulty conceiving a child come, and pray to get pregnant. After getting pregnant, they dedicate their child to the monastery by naming them Tsambikos (for boys) and Tsambika (for girls). The name is common on the island, especially among older people.

We got to the monastery a fine afternoon. We got completely out of breath, climbing the steps, but the view was worth it!

#Make a day trip to Symi from Rhodes

Symi island where to stay

One of the things I highly recommend is visiting Symi island. You can take a boat from Mandraki Harbour and arrive at Symi in about an hour!

You can choose to get to Symi with a speedboat or with the ferry.

Symi is unique; it has a charming harbor, which colorful houses are called Yallos. The buildings have an Italian style, with elements of neo-classical architecture.

I really love Kali Strata, the alley leading to the old village, which is something different. The village is picturesque, and I could not stop taking pictures.

You can check here my dedicated travel post about this wonderful island and a complete list with the best places to stay in Symi!

#Visit the Castle of Kritinia

Kritinia Castle Rhodes Island
Kritinia Castle

From this Venetian Castle, I had the best view of the Aegean and the surrounding islands!

It was a watchtower from where the Knights monitored the movement of pirates and other enemies.

Nowadays, the Ministry of Culture and Greek Archaeologists renovate the castle, damaged by time. The Castle is above the village Kritinia where we took a stroll and admired the peaceful atmosphere.

A trip to Rhodes is a memorable experience and is worth having. I must admit I had a hard time leaving the island. If you consider a trip to Greece, you should plan some days in Rhodes. This place has much to offer!

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