Athens nightlife! Wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep!

A fascinating guest post from our friend Anna who invites us – mentally at least! – to a night out with some her friends! Prepare a drink, put some music on and let’s meet Athens nightlife!

”We do all have the perception that Greece is all about summer, beautiful beaches and good weather but the truth is that Greece is all about having fun with your friends as well dining in nice restaurants or drinking exciting cocktails!

Yesterday it was Saturday night and I went out with my girls. I am now inviting all of you to come with us to have great time together and enjoy Athens nightlife.

The night starts late in the evening at about ten thirty with a stop for meatballs and pasta in the Rocks & Balls. The design much resembles the hipster clubs of Shoreditch in London, but this place has also good food and nice music. Burgers, salad and even sushi will prepare your stomach for the rest of the night. If you are not eating, then you must be with the ones dancing in the rhythms of the R’n’B, Rock and Pop music.



Then, we walk for 5 minutes to arrive at Drunk Sinatra, happy atmosphere with bright light and music that encourages conversation and prepares you for the rest of the night. This is a meeting point and one of the most famous bars in Athens, for this reason is not uncommon to meet here people that you hadn’t seen for a long time. The cocktails here are strong and delicious, after all we want to get Sinatra drunk!!


For our final drinks towards the dawn we selected the bar Praxitelous with loud music in the rhythms of Soul, Funk and Rock, we danced our way throughout the bar. The bar opens at 2 a.m! and all the drinks are in a reduced priced, no wonder that it quickly became the hotspot of the night in town.


All three places are within walking distance of 5 to 10 minutes from each other, thus no matter how high your heels are or how drunk you are, you can walk the way with no complaints…

I hope you had a great evening with us see you soon!”

Rock & Balls: Vasilikis 2, Athens 105 60, Greece

Drunk Sinatra: Thiseos 16, Athens 105 62, Greece

Praxitelous Bar: Praxitelous 33, Athens, Greece

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