Hiking in Paros island!

Paros has a network of trails with a total length of 35 km, which makes it ideal for anyone that likes hiking and trekking!

Hiking at those trails you will meet small white houses, sustainable farmhouses made by lime, clay, reeds, seaweed and windmills and plenty of remote pigeon houses!

There are several different routes that you can try. See also our dedicated travel guides about Paros!

Paros Park routes

Hike at paros park
Paros Park ©secretgreece
Park Paros is one of my favourite areas, as it gives you a wide range of options. There are 3 well mapped out footpaths that go around the peninsula and providing your terrific pictures and landscapes. I have walked paths 1 and 2 that are quite easy, not very long (~2km) and perfect for families. Path number 1 leads to the stunning lighthouse, where I have watched the best sunsets on the island! Really beautiful and special! The directions and the mapping of the routes are very clear and you won’t have any issues. You will find more information here (unfortunately it is in Greek for now)
Hike at paros park lighthouse
Lighthouse at Paros Park ©secretgreece

Lefkes – Prodromos

Lefkes prodromos trail hiking
Lefkes – Prodromos trail ©secretgreece

Another easy trail with signalling is the route from Lefkes to Prodromos which lasts around 1 hour and is called the Byzantine path. This is a very old trail that was built 1000 years ago!

The route is generally downhill, except for 150 to 200 meters, lasts about 45 minutes, and I think it would be ok for families with children and teenagers. You will end up at the small and beautiful Prodromos village, and you can have a drink or eat something from the “Tsitsanis” tavern or – my favourite – the traditional Kallitechniko kafenio (find the location here!) Get lost in the white colour of the village and take as many photos as you want from the stunning white and blue churches! The name of Prodromos village comes from the temple of Agios Ioannis the Baptist, and every summer, on June 23rd, one of the most important festivals of Paros takes place here!

Aliki – Agairia – Monastery of Agion Theodoron – Aspro Chorio

This is probably the most beautiful trail in Paros and it is medium-difficult (8.5km and it lasts ~ 1.45). It starts from Aliki fishing village through the narrows alleys and it passes through Agairia on an easy, uphill route. Then you will arrive at the monastery through a combination of dirt road initially and then a beautiful path with amazing views. And then finally you arrive at the Aspro Chorio on a relatively easy downhill.

Lefkes-Lagada-Aspro Chorio-Drios

This path starts from Lefkes as a few other ones. It is about 10km and it lasts approximately ~3 hours.
Sign at Lefkes. Follow path number 2!
You will find valuable information about hiking in Paros here!

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