Hiking in Paros island

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Paros has a network of trails with a total length of 35 km! Walking at those trails you will meet small white houses, sustainable farm houses made by lime, clay, reeds, seaweed and windmills and plenty of remote pigeon houses!

Lefkes – Prodomos: A very easy trail with signalling is the route from Lefkes to Prodromos which lasts 1.10′ approximately and is called the Byzantine path. This is a very old trail that was build 1000 years ago! (featured photo by http://parosexplorer.com/)

Aggeria – Agioi Theodoroi-  Kamari: This is  a beautiful and easy trail that normally lasts from 3.5 to 4 hours. The half of the route is on remote dirt roads and the other half through narrow paths. There signalling for the route, a red spray at the start of the Agkairia – Kamari.

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