Three hidden Greek islands that you didn’t know about them!

There are many charters that every year bring thousands of tourists to Zante, Corfu and Kefalonia. Who hasn’t seen the famous photo from Navagio in Zante or Mirtos Beach in Kefalonia? But in the same geographical area, there are standing three small and hidden islands that none of a touristic package may include.

Meganisi, the largest of them, has an increasing development and is connected through Nidri, Lefkada. Its picturesque harbour is called Spilia and it is visited by many yachts and sailing boats every summer and you can visit the other two villages Katomeri and Spartochori.

The road network is good, but because of the size of the island, is fairly limited. It’s up to you if you decide to bring your car or not. Alternatively, there are many scooters and small boats that you can rent.

Beaches: Excellent is the Lantern beach in Cape Atherinos and in Katomeri, which overlooks the neighbouring island Kalamos, you will find the nice beach of Porto Elia.  From Katomeri there is Limonari, a small beach with pebbles but also turquoise waters. Very interesting is the coastal route from Spartochori to Saint John that will reveal to you many small beaches.

Activities: SecretGreece as you probably already know, is interested in sports activities and in Meganisi you will find different choices! In the south, where the shape of the island is completely different from the rest, an extremely long and narrow peninsula forms a huge arc with a southeast orientation that leads to Head promontory. The place is suitable for hiking, but as it is steep you should be equipped with suitable shoes as well with a hat and a lot of water!

Just 350 meters towards the channel that separates Lefkada with Meganisiisi, dominates the tiny island loop that can not offer good beaches, but excellent fishing spots (if you scuba dive, then give attention to ocean currents!)

There are also many boats that go to the sea caves on the southern tip of the island. The most famous is that of “Papanikoli” but also beautiful is “Giovani”.

Source: Lefkada Slow Guide

Kalamos is the second smallest island and it’s the perfect choice for absolute calmness and serenity. Cars are not allowed on the islands and it has only two villages, Kalamos and Episkopi. Kalamos is the port that matches the boat from Mitika and from there begins the only road to Episkopi. Notable is the pine forest of Kalamos, considered one of the rarest of the Ionian Sea and the towering royal pines are home to dozens of different species of birds.


Kastos is the smallest and the wildest and undiscovered. It comes from the decades of the ’60s with delightful stone houses with large windows and wooden balconies. This island has no cars as well and it is an ideal place for campers! Around the island, you will find the beaches Sarakiniko Valley, Kamini.


Check our map below to find where these islands are!

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