Parga, like an island!

Parga is small town with a long history. It is built in a small peninsula overlooking Paxos, Antipaxos and Cape Aktion and the turquoise waters embrace the town. Its unique beauty, the amazing crystal waters, the forests and the traditional houses give the visitor the feeling that it’s an island!! Walking through the narrow and steep streets, you will be amazed by the preserved traditional buildings and you will fall in love with the magnificent views of the castle. You will swim in sandy beaches, you can do water sports and daily trips to the nearby Paxos and Antipaxos. (The cover beautiful photo is taken by Philippe Teuwen)


Panagia island

This picturesque island is located just in front of the harbor of Parga, in a very short distance. You can go there even by swimming! Panagia island owes its name to the Virgin Mary church with its characteristic steeple. At the highest point of the island is a beautiful French castle, built by the French occupiers in 1808 during their stay here (1797- 1814) in order to control the small boats in the harbor, which was not visible from the castle.



Beaches of Parga

The most famous beach of Parga is undoubtedly Valtos, a vast sandy beach behind the castle, with water sports and many facilities and it attracts the majority of visitors. For a quick dip appropriate is Krioneri, a small clean beach, just a few meters from the town center and a little further is the quiet beach Piso Krioneri. At 3 km east of Parga is Lichnos beach with two small sea caves, ideal for exploration and three kilometers below lies the Gulf of St. Giannakis, where is an underwater source of fresh water. Sarakiniko at 19 km from Parga is an organized beach with fine sand and crystal waters, ideal for quiet vacations.



Tip: If you select to spend some days there, don’t neglect to visit Sivota, which is 25 km away for Parga. The route to Sivota is simply amazing through trees and forests and you will meet stunning beaches, like Karavostasi with nice food and Zavia! But when you will arrive at Sivota you will find out an open secret: Sivota have excellent beaches! Bella Vraka is the most famous beach on the island Mourtemeno and is accessible by boat or on foot as the water is very shallow. It is created by the natural join of the land with the island Mourtemeno and it consists of 4 consecutive beaches! Take off your shoes and walk across to the first of the three bays with water reaching to the knee!


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